Stormy Season

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:01 PM GMT on November 12, 2015

November 20
8:10 AM

Time for some additions here. As I wrote already, we had the Big Windstorm earlier this week - just about 50 mph winds (more in other areas), long power outages in many areas, and three people died in the state as a result. Here I will post some photos of the jaunt my son and I took down to Lake Washington to "storm watch". We could have ventured further to probably more exciting places - maybe to Puget Sound where the wind...

Updated: 4:14 PM GMT on November 20, 2015

Sounds of a NW Fall

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:48 PM GMT on October 26, 2015

October 26

A perfect morning to move on from the end of summer to the later- middle of Fall in this blog. Light rain began yesterday afternoon and as far as I can tell hasn't stopped since! It has been light, so not a big accumulation, but just steady. And this morning has turned into a stereotypical fall/winter scene out the window. Very murky looking. Foggy/low ceiling, poor visibility looking very far, very "socked in" and wet. So far only .40" rain a...

Oregon Coast

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:58 PM GMT on September 22, 2015

September 22

On this last day of Summer, I will put up some photos of a short trip I took in late August, just days after we returned from Maryland. A convergence of events arrived at the fact that only myself and my younger son were here at home for a few days. Mr PSP had gone to Australia for work and my daughter had gone camping. And, my son had two days off at the same time. So, off we zipped on a fast overnight trip to the Oregon Coast! I hadn't been...

East Coast Baby and Pics of Both

By: PugetSoundPost, 1:11 AM GMT on August 28, 2015

August 27

Weeks have passed since putting up anything here and life has gone fast too.

We made it to Maryland! And we met our first grandchild, James! We had a terrific trip! James introduced himself on the car ride home from the airport (we were picked up on the curb and jumped into the car fast and off we zoomed) by crying, okay - screaming, loudly! That put us right back into Baby Days! Well, things did improve and overall went well. James ...

Updated: 6:36 PM GMT on September 01, 2015

Mid Summer NW Days

By: PugetSoundPost, 10:20 PM GMT on July 29, 2015

July 29

No new photos at the moment for anything special. But time to just refresh here a little bit.

The middle of summer has been perking along. And what a summer it has been here in the Pacific Northwest! HOT, HOT is the BIG theme! So many days in the 90's, perhaps I will count them when this month ends in a couple of days for a grand total. About ten days ago we even hit 100 here at home! After that it did cool quickly for a little mid-mo...

Updated: 6:03 PM GMT on July 30, 2015

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