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By: PugetSoundPost , 3:12 PM GMT on June 11, 2013

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July 1, 7:15 AM

I'm sitting outside, enjoying the early morning delights of blue sky, warm air, the birds chirping in all of the nearby trees - they even seem extra happy this early summer morning, promising to be a hot day. Some are buzzing in and out of a feeder we have hanging in a tree.

A hot weekend is spilling over into today, Monday. Our hottest temp so far was yesterday - reaching 93. With no AC, which just about no one around has, our houses really bake on these hot days. Today is supposed to be quite similar to yesterday, then gradual cooling begins tomorrow, but it looks like a pretty nice week ahead. No dramatic cool-down, which usually happens. I guess by that I mean we usually get a "marine push" to end hot spells that just blankets us in cool clouds full of marine air so then it turns cloudy (can persist all day, or possibly burn off sooner) and cool air too. No big marine push is expected this week, maybe a weaker one this time. Hope so. I am content to keep the sun shining.

June 28, 6:45 PM
Hot Day!

The forecast high temperatures for today were "upper 70's to middle 80's". Our high was 92. Didn't expect it this hot for another few days. We aren't used to it. I wonder how it will go over the weekend? Thankfully we got our little deck cleared up enough to be able to sit outside and it was nice to have dinner out there. I love eating outside in the summertime.

June 26, 8:30 AM

An active weather week so far. A rainy spell has descended upon the region over the last while. The first part of June was dry, dry, but this later part is giving us some rain. And this week some storms too. Late afternoon/evening last night brought an interesting thunderstorm, with squally winds and rain. I had gone walking with my kids and then we ended up hitting tennis balls back and forth, on a real court I may add, while the storm was blowing up. The walk started in bright, sunny, warm weather, but by the time our outing ended, we were running to the car in quite a wild little storm. More of the same is predicted for today, and this morning has already featured some sprinkly showers. Yesterday's high was 80, with extra humidity. We ended up with just about a half inch of rain yesterday. We are not used to 80 degree days with that much rain. Other places experience that regularly, but not around here. So, all in all, an interesting day that was fun. And so nice to get outside too and get some exercise and air. Helps to refresh in so many ways.

June 21, 7:15 AM
Summer Solstice! But No Sun!

Apparently the sun has reached the end of its northward journey, but it is hard to tell around here. A quite rainy day yesterday (.58") and heavy clouds this morning remaining, with rain or showers in the forecast for much of the upcoming week, is not giving us much perspective of the sun. But trusting that it is up there, somewhere, it does seem like an accomplishment to make it to Summer! Kind of nice to sweep spring away this time.

The yard was happy for the good soaking yesterday. June has been very dry so far. These summer months are our dry season, so with each passing week now we can expect less and less rain overall. However, occasional days crop up that can soak us too. Looks like there could be a few more coming up soon.

Today's Sunrise: 5:10 AM --- Sunset: 9:10 PM

June 17, 7:30 AM

Graduation is over and it was wonderful. Three different ceremonies to attend over three days last week, culminating in the Big commencement on Saturday in the stadium where the Seahawks play football. The weather was great - sunny and warm (just about getting hot in the direct sun for awhile) but the sunshine was a bit filtered, which helped hold down the threat of "too hot" while sitting in the sun. Close to 5,000 graduates made a festive and colorful scene all around, plus sooo many people in the audience. Our daughter "walked" with the nursing school (I will brag here a bit, as the mom, and say the school is ranked #1 in the nation), which had their assigned seats in the far back corner of the grads. The doctoral graduates had their names called as they crossed the stage, while all others just walk across to shake hands and receive a diploma cover, and quite rapidly at that, and even so it took the nursing bunch just over an hour to finally cross the stage from the time the first doctoral student crossed. And less than five minutes later they were finished with that portion. So, a long wait, but we knew it would be and that is okay. I have to say the program is well organized and run and they have it worked out quite smoothly to get all of those people moved around. Well, it was the 138th commencement of the university. The entire program (speeches and all of it) lasted just three hours, as advertised, and they started it all exactly on the mark as the clock struck the appointed hour. A well run machine, as it was last year when our son graduated. After it all we went to dinner and to a small party at our house (family only, no time to do much more than that, and was probably for the best anyway, given the state of everyone's energy levels, including the graduate herself, who has just been going at crazy speed for too long and was a bit sick too) but it was nice and surely a long day and several days for us all. We are proud of her and all she has done over five years in college. She aimed high and hit every target.

We have now completed all of our "scheduled" activities for awhile and that does kind of feel good. It has been just too busy with so many things happening. Now we can concentrate more on "home" again, and it surely needs concentration. Mr. PSP is still going too strong on all of his responsibilities with estates, etc, and also his own job, and the house is just so disorganized and behind in every way right now. Our other daughter moved back home last week as well, for the summer, and she has a giant cleaning project going now with her room, which badly needs done (sorting things from the last many years, plus "re-doing" after married sister moved out last fall) and, well, everywhere I look, inside and outside, needs major work right now.

We had a little thunder yesterday afternoon with misty sprinkles, and showers are forecast at times this week ahead. We have some clouds around this morning. So overall probably a good week to try to make hay with this house and all of the plates that are spinning over us, which are many and some are on the brink of wobbling. Oh! My zinnias from seed are up!

June 11, 8 AM

June is already over a third over. I pretty well missed May entirely, and now a good portion of June as well. But, I am slowly rejoining the current in the middle of the stream and moving with it, toward future events.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since early May, when both of my husband's parents were killed in a car crash, when a bus hit them, and there was nothing that their car (and son driver) could do about it. It has been a crazy time since then, with just so much to do, suddenly, and so many, many details to attend to and organize and just plain "do". The memorial was a big event, well attended, with family members involved in nearly all of the elements of it. We have been well supported by friends and family, as well as strangers in the community, as this story seemed to resonate with so many, and the lives of the folks had already touched many, many people in life, and now in death as well. They were blessings to many and it has been returned. We do not know why this accident happened. It is still being investigated, but we know that their days were numbered by God in advance and this is all part of His plan for them, and for us who are left behind; which is only for now.

There is so much else to do as well, including taking care of the house that they had been living in since the 1960's, and all of their affairs of life. Much of the house has been cleaned out now, which as everyone knows, is a very big job. It is not finished, but tremendous progress has been made. Many other post-memorial details are keeping Mr. PSP very busy still, plus other details of the estate that will be moving up the priority list as time goes on. So, just because the memorial and burial have occurred, does not end the story. The rest of the summer will be busy weeks and months, and as far into the future before all is said and done. And there is a lot to be said and get done. Losing three parents in four months (all are gone now) has been very hard. Family dynamics change, life is just very different at events, such as birthdays we have just celebrated. My in-laws were pretty much the life of the parties and it sure makes a difference when they aren't there. We miss them very much.

Now, for this week, we are changing gears, and that is nice to have something else to think about, as we have thought about or done nothing else for weeks, but also hard, when there is still so much to do in the aftermath of the last many weeks. But, our daughter is graduating from university this week! This has been a long, hard road for her, but she is finally finished!! She has completed two degrees - in Nursing and in English, and this week gives us three different opportunities to celebrate her, with scheduled graduation events at school. It has taken her five years to complete it all, and a lot of stress to even be accepted into the nursing school (a quite difficult school to get into) but she has made it all the way through every step and we are very proud of her!

So until this week is over and we move into next week, there still isn't much time to breathe yet. But all of this is very different from where we have been so recently and exciting to see the future for our daughter and her husband.

I think I will finally plant some zinnia seeds in some pots this morning, as a first step in our yard this year, before I take up with so much correspondence I have left to do. I think it may rain over the next couple of days too.

June 11
Sunrise: 5:10 AM --- Sunset: 9:06 PM (PDT)
(gaining 44 seconds tomorrow)

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12. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
2:59 PM GMT on July 03, 2013
PugetSoundPost has created a new entry.
11. calpoppy
3:52 PM GMT on July 01, 2013
Keep the sun shining for me, but I can do without those 90 degrees temps, LOL! I will take some cool Seattle type temps, I am sooo ready!

Thanks for all your tips on Seattle things to do, I am emailing my son's in-laws on the ducks tour, I think they would really enjoy that one!

The Ferris wheel would personally freak me out (not fond of heights) so that will be something the kids could do.

Enjoy those blue sky mornings!!!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 65 Comments: 4466
10. WatchinTheSky
12:59 AM GMT on June 30, 2013
Hey, your baby eagles made the national news!
Oooohh, it's hot here - looks like a little warm for you as well, summertime :)
Member Since: September 20, 2005 Posts: 140 Comments: 2785
9. WatchinTheSky
6:51 PM GMT on June 27, 2013
I was reading (on a previous flyby), with envy, about your thunder storms! Nice :) And maybe up to 100 for you? I can see why that would be note worthy for up there. Not so much here, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Actually, a little bit of that is OK, key word 'little'.

Hope your new tomato does well and the set fruit stays on! This is a very fun time with our tomato garden, we (Mrs WTS mostly, to her chagrin) are having a bit of trouble thinking of enough things to make with all the tomatoes. I take some to work for snacks - of course. And tonight should be spaghetti with red sauce with extra tomato. I wish I was better in the kitchen - I guess coming up with the idea is my problem, not so much making it ;)

Member Since: September 20, 2005 Posts: 140 Comments: 2785
8. JanesVacation
9:00 PM GMT on June 23, 2013
HI Puget!

Your stories of your zinnias drew me in this afternoon. Sometimes something as simple as a zinnia seedling can resonate with others. Mine are about 2 inches high and I have been transplanting them all around my yard - even into pots of our flowers. It is a great year for zinnias here. Summer just began with our first hot days being yesterday and today.

Congratulations to your daughter! Yeay for her! I could hear the pride in your voice. College graduation is a very big deal and she has made it! I admire her decision to be a nurse, it should be a wise career choice. She must be a very compassionate human being and I know how proud you are of her.

I cannot even wrap my mind around the tragic accident that took the lives of both of your in-laws. I still have both my parents and I often think it would be better if they pass away together someday, instead of one being left without the other. But, in reality, that idea is too difficult to imagine, yet you and your husband are surviving it. I'm sure that more time will make it easier, but I would think it will take awhile.

School is out and a bit of free time is on the horizon for me. Enjoy your week. I plan to. Summer is short.
Member Since: June 21, 2008 Posts: 282 Comments: 1762
7. PugetSoundPost
12:13 AM GMT on June 20, 2013
I think my zinnias are going to be it for me this summer, Briar. The kids have some garden crops started and growing, some even in the garden, but for myself I think it is just going to be the zinnias in pots. Oh, I did buy one bush tomato plant yesterday that still needs potting. I was in a garden shop yesterday by happenstance and I see big swaths of shelving of flowers have been emptied. The buying season is surely on the wane and I missed it this year. They still had a lot of flowers, but somehow I just didn't have interest in any of them, plus, before long most of them will start to bloom out and fade. I do have three hanging baskets, all inherited from my in-laws' house, one of them given to me just minutes before their accident. Our deck is a mess from the aborted construction project, and I guess I am just not ready to dive back into much. Life is still pretty busy otherwise anyway. But, all hope is not yet lost. I was thinking that my bare flower garden places in the front yard may just have their fallow year, or, I may regain energy and enthusiasm later and look to plant something for fall bloom. We will see.
Member Since: October 8, 2001 Posts: 193 Comments: 1051
6. BriarCraft
9:40 PM GMT on June 19, 2013
I'm glad your zinnia seeds have sprouted. I've still got some 2-inch tall zinnias in a flat that I started back in April. Why? Because I haven't yet gotten around to weeding the flowerbed their intended for. I'm hoping to get to that in the next couple of days, now that I'm almost done weeding and thinning in the garden.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4690
5. PugetSoundPost
1:49 PM GMT on June 13, 2013
Hi Briar! There is a lot, lot to do yet. Just the work ahead feels heavy. And what is behind was very heavy. I'm afraid the celebrating is being somewhat overshadowed, unfortunately, but we did make it through one graduation event yesterday. A department grad and it was very nice. Another tomorrow, then the "big" commencement on Saturday. And, I did get the zinnia seeds planted! Now I need to remember to keep water on them.

WTS-Nice to hear from you and yes, the current is already feeling unpredictable. Drifting into an eddy you can easily be swirled backward again - but then you have to put more muscle into rowing and get back on course. It all takes so much work.

I am hoping next week to be able to spend a little more time in the yard and try to salvage what I can for the remainder of the season. A couple of places at a minimum really need some flowers added, so I hope I can accomplish that. First I need to get some of the troops out to do a good mow - hopefully very soon.

Enjoy the high school graduation!
Member Since: October 8, 2001 Posts: 193 Comments: 1051
4. WatchinTheSky
4:36 AM GMT on June 12, 2013
Currents can be unpredictable, but that's what we do, test the water, move forward. Many congrats to the dual degree soon to be grad!! Quite an accomplishment :) Tis that time of year, Thursday we are off to see my sister's youngest finish high school and go off to university.
The whole summer ahead, hope the yard plays nice!
Member Since: September 20, 2005 Posts: 140 Comments: 2785
3. BriarCraft
11:23 PM GMT on June 11, 2013
It's nice that you've got some celebrating to do. I hope it will help you and Mr. PSP to sort of "reboot" your psyches. You'll have a year of creating new traditions and routines to replace old ones, plus a lot of work sorting out estates. Hopefully, after a little uplifting fun centered around your daughter, your hearts will be lighter.

Here's to bright and colorful zinnias in your future!
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4690
2. PugetSoundPost
5:57 PM GMT on June 11, 2013
Thank you CP! So much is still going on but it is turning slowly toward brighter things. Our other daughter will be returning home from college later this week for the summer (she has been around a lot lately anyway - all of the many recent family needs, plus a job swim team coaching/lifeguarding has kept her in and out a lot more than usual while still in school, so summer seems like it is creeping closer. We missed spring, so I am looking forward to summer.
Member Since: October 8, 2001 Posts: 193 Comments: 1051
1. calpoppy
4:32 PM GMT on June 11, 2013
I was thinking about you this morning, I was going to comment on your old blog, but here you are!!

So much sad work to be done when love ones pass away! But the bright spot is your daughter graduating with two degrees!! That is amazing! Give her big hugs from me for all her hard work!

Take care PSP!!!!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 65 Comments: 4466

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