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By: PugetSoundPost, 3:06 PM GMT on July 13, 2012

August 19, 9 AM

The hot spell lasted all of two days. It ended late Friday. Yesterday saw only peeks of the sun and our high dropped to 77, still nicely warm, but such a big change from the previous two days in the middle 90's.

Now it is moving down even worse. Heavy marine layer that may not break out at all today, and temps dropping below normal again for the upcoming week. Probably hanging around 70 with a lot of clouds and sun now and then.

We are working hard to rush the wedding preparations to completion. Now I can say that it will occur at the end of next week!

August 17, 11:30 PM

Another hot day! High of 93! Summer time!

August 16, 7:30 AM
Hot! Hot! Hot!

This has been a really nice week - it could be the peak of our summer. We have been riding in the upper 80's all week with a lot of sunshine. So nice!! BUT, we are not finished yet! In fact, today and tomorrow will be even hotter - well into the 90's is forecast and we seem to be on our way early this morning. Again, it is slated to last only two days, with cooling coming on the weekend, but by then that may be nice too. So, here we go into Summer!!

A wedding update: Only 16 days to go now! We are closing in on our preparation completion. I think most everything is in place, but there are still details to finish. The music is chosen (with some prickly technical issues still to work out on the CD's we are putting together), the reception slideshow (movie) is complete, thanks to the diligence of my younger daughter, the florist has worked through a sudden problem in getting the hydrangea we wanted, the decorating plan is in place, and much more seems to be ready to go. But, we still need to work out this CD problem, and still have to start in on creating the program to hand out, order all of our needed table linens (renting), and round up a helper crew for set-up and clean-up, among other things not on the top of my head right now. My mom is getting along so-so, after time out yesterday to take her to the dentist, with a couple of other appointments next week, and hopefully she can manage along and make it to the wedding. So, progress is being made each day and we need to keep it up now! For anyone reading from around here, enjoy the heat!

Update, 11:30 PM: A HOT day today! Our high at home reached 95! Sure not used to it, but nice for a jolting change of pace!

August 8, 7:30 AM

Our hot weekend is fading fast into memory. Between Sunday and Tuesday we dropped 22 degrees and added in 100% cloud cover. Yesterday's high was only 73 and it never did clear at all. Today is starting out with another overcast morning and is not going to be any warmer; unless it maybe does clear sometime, even a little. Oh well. Lots to do today. Spending time on my mom's arrangements as she is about to transition back to her assisted living apartment and see what else wedding-related I can get done. The next big looming thing is the shower we are having here on Friday. Not sure the house is quite ready for it yet!

August 6, 7:45 AM

It DID get hotter yesterday! Topped out at 95 at our house! We haven't been that hot in at least a couple of years - last summer's high was just 92. Anyway, it was hot for us and our house was boiling by afternoon/evening. The good news on that part is that it never lasts long.

This morning is still quite warm, but more humid and cloudier. There is a chance of thunderstorms today and I see the clouds starting to build a bit to the east over the Cascades. I'll take it and hope for some thunder!

August 5, 8 AM

Summer Weekend is in its second day today, and by tomorrow we will be past it, with cooler weather coming.

But for now, a HOT day is ramping up. Clear blue skies and it is quickly heating up. Our high yesterday was 91 and today may be just a bit hotter. Our low this morning was only 63, very remarkable by itself. We enjoyed eating outside yesterday, something I love to do whenever it is feasible.

Here is a quick review of July:

Warmest Temperature: 86 (7/8)
Coolest Temperature: 47 (7/5)
Coolest High Temperature: 67 (7/3)
Wettest Day: July 3 (.75")
Days of Measurable Rain: 8

Total Rainfall for July: 1.68"

Note: This July looks very similar to last July for temperatures. But, this July was considerably wetter, although the rain was bunched into fewer days. An overall "wet" July, since the summertime is our dry season.

August 5
Sunrise: 5:51 AM --- Sunset: 8:36 PM (PDT)
(losing another 2 min, 51 sec tomorrow)

August 4, 7:20 AM
Hot Weather Arrives!

Our Summer Weekend is here! Sunny blue skies this morning, and we should hit 90 this weekend! It would the first time in a long time - not since last August!

It is also Seattle's biggest festival weekend of the year- Seafair Weekend. The highlights of the weekend include the unlimited hydroplane races on Lake Washington, complete with an Air Show featuring the Blue Angels performing both today and tomorrow. With this heat that no one is used to, the huge crowds on the beaches are going to be HOT and Sunburned! But, not much worry on that for me. I will be well ensconced inside working on a wedding slideshow. Four weeks to go!

July 27, 8 PM

After a couple of quite nice days (low 80's) and sunshine, we reversed course today. The clouds never cleared today, so a dreary day and cool. It stayed mainly in the 60's but the sun must have plowed through the clouds a bit stronger this late morning to allow the high temp to reach 72. A light jacket felt nice after running around too long without one earlier today.

The wedding is getting closer. Even as I type the couple is working on choosing a First Dance song (so tough to do!) after a day of ring shopping and they did get the marriage license. It is really becoming "real" now! Sweet times for them.

July 23, 7:20 AM

Overcast skies this morning and another "summer" morning is underway. Our cool spell is continuing. Another day in the 60's is forecast and possible rain showers. Overnight .14" of rain dropped on us and more showers are possible today. This pattern is quite well entrenched. Not much difference is coming in the near future, but Wednesday is expected to improve and be the best day of the coming week.

A few very busy days for us just completed. The whole family went to a nearby Puget Sound beach on Friday and had a picnic and beach fire. The day started miserably at home - .61" of rain in the morning, but thankfully the rain stopped by early afternoon and we had a dry afternoon/evening at the beach, but it was too windy during the actual picnic, creating a variety of challenges. The wind did die down by late afternoon/evening and was pleasant enough around the fire, so overall the day was salvaged, but memorable too. The bride-to-be in the family managed to sprain her ankle, again, while chasing sea gulls that wanted in on the picnic, but thankfully it is not as bad this time as it was in March. Then yesterday our family visited the touring King Tut exhibit in Seattle and that was wonderful! Probably our only time to see real artifacts from ancient Egyptian pharoahs and tombs, including cool artifacts from King Tut's tomb. A wonderful exhibit and experience!

July 17, 7:10 AM

The summertime weather that BriarCraft likes (see comment below) is continuing. A mix of clouds and sunshine through each day is continuing. By afternoon the weather has been quite nice, with sunshine and topping out into the low 80's for us.

I just came in from sitting outside with coffee and the newspaper and an anxious hummer zeroing in on the feeder, and while we have a solid overcast, it is quite pleasant and warm - currently 64 degrees at 7 AM!! For so much of the year it never, ever gets that warm, let alone so early in the morning! Therefore, nothing to complain about.

Much needs to be accomplished today. I am trying to pick up the pace on more and more of the little details of wedding planning that need to be finished, plus another family birthday is on its way this week, and more visits to my mom. Swim team is now over forever, ending over the past weekend with good performances by my daughter in her last meet, and it does feel good to knock that big time commitment off of the calendar. Lots more to take its place!

July 13, 8 AM

For anyone counting, as of today, we are 50 days away from the wedding! It is going fast and life has been fast too. So much to do each day and on some days good accomplishment is made, and on other days, well, not so much accomplishment. But overall we are moving forward step by step. It has been hard to find time for the bride to sit and get much done, in between working two jobs with crazy hours, and the rest of us have been busy too. My mom is slowly doing better, but she is still in a nursing facility for strengthening and recovery. I have had to spend less time with her this week and more time at home, mainly pushing hard to get our invitations out, today hopefully! But I can't be away too long. So far the plates are still spinning in the air.

Meanwhile, summer has arrived for us! As is customary, July 5 seemed to mark a turn-around in the weather, bringing a string of temps in the 80's and a lot more sunshine! Hooray! But, even so, we aren't really at our peak yet. We are still experiencing some marine layer mornings, just as we are this morning. For anyone who doesn't know what "marine layer" is (I'd guess anyone away from the West Coast) it is a push of moister, cooler air off of the ocean into the inland areas, creating a low solid stratus cloud layer over us. Here is a textbook definition:

"A replacement of the current air mass with air from off the ocean. Temperatures are much cooler and relative humidities much higher. The air mass is generally much more stable in this situation."

The clouds give the appearance that rain may occur, but it doesn't, unless it is extremely heavy when it then may drizzle. But for the most part it is dry, just an overhead blanket of gray stratus clouds. It usually comes in overnight and greets us first thing in the morning, when it occurs. The good news with this is that typically with enough daytime heating, it will "burn off" and dissipate, leaving clear skies behind for usually sunny afternoons, as it often is around noon when it will burn off. Perhaps sooner in the summer with the stronger sun and heating.

When we are at the height of summer (late July/early August), the marine layer won't occur and we should expect a few weeks of bright, sunny mornings. We aren't there yet. This morning is gloomy, and a couple of other mornings this week have been as well, but the sun should come out eventually and at this time of year, the temperature will rise rapidly once we see the sun. A pretty typical pattern for us. The marine layer is often called "nature's air-conditioner" during the summer months, and if we do have a true heat-wave sometime during the summer, the arrival of the marine layer is the sure sign that the heat-wave has been broken, as pressure patterns have reversed and the ocean air, always much cooler, is being sucked in over us, bringing cooling.

We are not in a heat-wave now, so no worries on that score for the time being, but summer is here. Actually we have a chance of thunderstorms over the next couple of days and that would be fun for all. Our thunderstorms are pretty rare, and usually not all that threatening, so it is something to look forward to. This summertime is bringing a lot for us to look forward to!

July 13
Sunrise: 5:24 AM --- Sunset: 9:03 PM (PDT)
(shorter by 1 min, 47 sec. tomorrow)

UPDATE: Well, wouldn't you know it. After writing the above description of "marine layer" and how it is common, but not usually rain threatening, within minutes of posting, by surprise, thunder claps were heard in the distance and it has been rumbling rather frequently ever since! And now it is raining! As I mentioned, thunderstorms were in the forecast, but I expected it much later in the day, and the gray clouds covering us this morning were really rain clouds in disquise! Kind of ironic. We have had dozens of real marine layer days and I haven't expounded upon them, then the minute I do, it wasn't marine layer after all!! Actually there is marine layer at the lower levels, but an upper low is currently centered over western Washington, providing instability above the marine layer, allowing the thunderstorms to fire up this morning. Seems like a pretty unusual situation for us.

Updated: 3:52 PM GMT on August 19, 2012


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