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By: Portlight, 1:10 AM GMT on August 24, 2011


"My grandfather died under there, from a black widow bite", she says, as we suit up in coveralls to pull insulation from under her house. "Under the house?" I ask incredulously. "Well, right here." She points to the space on the porch between us. .. Debbie Owens is a self-employed fisherwoman. She checks 250 crab pots a day on her own. This past week, diesel-tainted storm surge from Hurricane Irene flooded her Wanchese, North Carolina, house. On Wednesday, Debbie's doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer. "I'm usually not a girl for medicine, but I need to be here. My daughter's about to start the second grade; she's the love of my life." In the past year and a half, Debbie has lost three immediate family members. "I'm usually the strong one, but this is too much for me at once. I said, 'Doc, you better give me some medicine.'" .. To make a tax-deductible gift to her, donate to http://portlight.org/ , and tagline it "Debbie."

As always, we are dependent upon your generosity to make our work. possible. We are an entirely volunteer effort...and, as such, we are able to stretch your contribution amazingly far.

Please help as you can. And please remember in your thoughts and prayers those in the path of Irene.

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Thank you!!

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