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Tornado Devastation Response

By: Portlight, 1:49 PM GMT on May 23, 2011

To the extent you make it possible, we will expand our assistance to all the areas recently impacted by violent weather. Thank you for your continued support of those in almost unimaginable need.


In light of the recent tornado destruction and devastation throughout the United States, we feel compelled to work to give a hand up to some of those impacted.

Our approach is going to be very simple...but we need your help to make a difference.

We are providing direct financial assistance to as many people as we can. This assistance will take the form of cash debit cards in the amount of $100 each.

These cards will be provided to individuals and families identified to us by local officials...such as sheriffs, mayors, etc. These local leaders are in the best position to determine local need...and vet recipients.

In several areas, lives have been thrown into chaos. The ability to spend a few dollars as needed will be crucial.

Please make a financial contribution...and make a direct difference. Also...please forward, link and post this message far and wide!!!

You can use the PayPal button @ www.portlight.org checks can be sent to:

Portlight Strategies, Inc.
60 Fenwick Hall Allee #721
Johns Island SC 29455

Updated: 2:28 AM GMT on May 31, 2011


CDC Emergency Preparedness Information

By: Portlight, 4:07 PM GMT on May 20, 2011

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness and Response information. This is quite clever...please check it out.


Kudos to them for thinking outside the box.


Portlight Disaster Relief

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