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MYB Wildfire - Quater 1 Update

By: Portlight, 5:07 AM GMT on April 29, 2009

On April 28th, 2009 Portlight Strategies, Inc. delivered drinks to rural fire fighters that are still “mopping up” after the Myrtle Beach wildfires. This process of extinguishing embers and hot spots will likely continue for several weeks as they work to prevent any further loss from these devastating fires. The drinks Portlight delivered were greatly appreciated as all they had on the truck was water. We are proud to have aided and salute the first responders who put it on the line to keep us safe.

During this trip we also identified other needs in this rural community near Nixonville, SC. We are currently working to determine how, or if we can further assist this community as they recover from these wildfires.

Portlight Quarter 1 Financial Update

Income: $12954

Outgo: $4800
T-shirts: $1500
Event Insurance: $1750
Printing (signs, flyers, etc): $500
Streaming Video: $400
State Registration Fees: $150
Misc. event expenses (power source, table, tents, donation box, etc.): $500

The date for the Houston Walk has been changed to Saturday June 20th. Please look for more information coming soon!

Both the New Orleans and Destin events were excellent examples of how a small groups of dedicated people in any community can step up and make it happen. As hurricane season approaches, we need to be positioned to respond promptly; you can help by coordinating a walk or event in your area!

Please contact Paul Timmons if you are interested in helping coordinate an event. It is easy, fun, and will help support a very worthy cause.

Paul Timmons

The next Portlight Relief Walk is the Summerville Portlight Relief Walk. This walk will take place on May 2nd.

Plans for the Houston Walk are well under way as well. This event will take place on June 20th. We continue to look for people to help wunderblogger smmcdavid coordinate this event. If you are in the area, or have contacts in the area then please contact the city coordinator found on the Houston Walk page.

Along with these events; plans are also underway for events in Chicago, Panama City, Atlanta, and several other areas. Again, if you are interested in helping with any of these events or coordinating one in your area please contact us!

This is the banner for the Portlight Relief Events. Many thanks to the Weather Underground for stepping up to the plate as the national sponsor of these events. View the press release.

You can also find us on Facebook now! Please become a fan of our page, and join our cause as well.

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