What constitutes "heavy rain" in LA?

By: Peejster, 10:25 PM GMT on February 27, 2014

This morning, a co-worker of mine, who has been in LA for the last three or four years as a graduate student, observed that we got "a lot" of rain last night.

Which I guess makes sense if you've only been here for three or four years, and thus only able to observe drought conditions.

This reminded me of a somewhat similar situation in February 1992 - where, like today, several prior years of drought had charmed Southlanders into a blithe ignorance of ...

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#LArain: it's about time

By: Peejster, 3:24 AM GMT on February 03, 2014

About an hour ago we started getting what I think might be the first substantial precipitation of the season; even then, I bet we don't get more than 0.2 inch out of this storm.

Because of our Mediterranean climate, our rainy season comes during winter - our rainy season is our winter. However, if you include this winter, we've got three consecutive winters of below-average rainfall. It's bad enough that LA isn't getting the precipitation we need; it's worse...

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