Hurricane Preparation 2015

By: Patrap, 3:11 AM GMT on April 27, 2015

It's time to dust off that family disaster plan, or in many cases, create one.

Keeping your family safe during a hurricane starts with proper planning. One in six Americans live along the eastern seaboard or the Gulf of Mexico, making hurricane preparation a must for many and their families.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Evacuation Considerations for the Elderly, Disabled and Special Medical...

History disaster Hurricane

Updated: 6:56 PM GMT on April 27, 2015

A Classic Revolution.....

By: Patrap, 3:00 PM GMT on February 06, 2015



Oh I often think of you
The hour before it rains
Across the broken days
That brought me home again

You walked into my life
Awoke my spirit soul
You saved me from my deep
Farewell my wanderer's home

Oh! The life upon your lips
Your heart could not foresee
The tangle I...

History Rock & Roll disaster

Updated: 2:50 PM GMT on April 15, 2015

A Stolen Kiss

By: Patrap, 6:15 AM GMT on December 30, 2014

How long has it been like this
Lost and found and lost yet again
Here in the heat of a stolen kiss
I make my home

How long has it been this way
On and on as the days slip away
Oh lost in language oh lost in song
I'm gone

I am drawn to the western shore
Where the light moves bright upon the tide
To the lullaby and the ceaseless roar
And the songs that never die

Love wai...

Updated: 7:23 AM GMT on January 29, 2015

I lie beneath the Rainbow...

By: Patrap, 5:55 AM GMT on December 01, 2014

Ooh Oooh Oooh Oooh
Ooh Oooh Oooh

I found a lucky charm
I dressed it up with love
I crossed the Seven Seas to you
Will it be enough?
And I will be a rainbow
Oh, while your storm is gone
And I will bring the song for you
And I will carry on

Ooh Oooh Oooh
Ooh Oooh Oooh

I'm reachin' for the stars
In the sky above
Oh, I will bring their beauty home
The co...

Rock & Roll

Updated: 3:56 PM GMT on December 04, 2014

Tyson/Nye 2016

By: Patrap, 3:33 AM GMT on November 18, 2014

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Elevation: 20 ft
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