New RainWise station for $999! Direct to WU!

By: Kari Strenfel, 9:02 PM GMT on November 10, 2014

Hey Weather Underground users!

Have you heard about the great new deal by RainWise? Weather Underground and RainWise have teamed up to create the most streamlined and efficient way to get high-quality, reliable data on Weather Underground.

This RainWise PWS Direct to Weather Underground allows for a much easier and faster way to sign up your station. While registering this RainWise station on the registration page,...

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Wunderstation app now available for your PWS!

By: Kari Strenfel, 5:41 PM GMT on September 04, 2014

Hey PWS owerrs!

The new Wunderstation app from Weather Underground is now in the App Store! Available for ipads, this app is great to use as a weather station console,. All your PWS data right at your fingertips!

WunderStation allows you to customize how you view and analyze weather data. Add your station, and any station, from our network to your list of stations to compare current and historical conditions. Drag, drop, add or delete content...

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How to delete bad PWS data

By: Kari Strenfel, 9:54 PM GMT on August 04, 2014

Hi PWS Owners!

Has your station reported bad data and now your summary table is out of whack? Bad data can result from many things:

1) When setting up your station's data communication, and you and your station are indoors with your compute nearby, it will report the indoor temperature for outdoor temperature.

2) When mounting your station on the roof, a fencepost, or on a pole in the backyard, you may tip the rain bucket senso...

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Problems finding your station on the wundermap or station list?

By: Kari Strenfel, 5:42 PM GMT on July 09, 2014

Hi PWS owners!

If your station is reporting just fine but you cannot find your station on the wundermap or the station list, it is probably getting flagged and removed by our QC process. We have to sanity check all of the data that comes in from our personal weather stations, to ensure we are displaying reasonable data on our map. However, occasionally some things slip through the cracks, like some erroneous data appearing on the wundermap or accurate ...

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Launched Enhancements to the PWS Dashboard!

By: Kari Strenfel, 7:11 PM GMT on May 28, 2014

We’ve listened to your feedback, and enhancements to the PWS experience have launched!

You can view your data on this new page by going to the PWS Dashboard: ion/dashboard?ID=[ insert PWS ID ]

The biggest difference you’ll see is that we’ve improved the navigation of the PWS Dashboard. Now you can see all of your real-time data in the same location as your history da...


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