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By: OrangeRoses, 5:26 PM GMT on January 31, 2010


Hope this helps those who claim they know.

The temps overnight were much warmer than forecasted. Two of my data sources have broken wind gauges!

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Updated: 5:39 PM GMT on January 31, 2010


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By: OrangeRoses, 3:22 AM GMT on January 30, 2010

Princess Glaciera visited farther North and avoided my immediate area completely! I miss her clear glassine brush stroke on the pines.

Winter is not over, yet, and the clueless, totally unplugged from Earth & Nature know this. Many victims on the roadways, some terrible tragedies in dwellings, hundreds of thousands without power across the state, with some staying in Red Cross Shelters, and also many happy children enjoy being outside in Nature — in direct aposition to those previously indicted — hope for our future, thankfully.

Winter Storm Safety Checklist from the American Red Cross • Read This.
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Updated: 3:05 PM GMT on January 30, 2010


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By: OrangeRoses, 6:25 PM GMT on January 20, 2010

Water Vapor

Above are three principle variables in the precipitation equation: clouds, water vapor and frontal areas(including High and Low Pressure). Last night low cloud lightning and loud thunder woke me from dreamland, accompanied by hail stones pelting the roof.

*Thursday Update*

Although a Tornado Watch was released yesterday, ending at 10 PM Wednesday, the highest winds blew at Midnight! 27 mph gusts for a few minutes.

Today is 15° F. cooler than yesterday at this same time. The climate is changing. Weather is a daily expression of something larger and more general. Global Warming predicts extremes in weather, not just warmer sea surface temperatures or melting polar ice but colder, wetter, windier, higher UV.

So, do not minimize or oversimplify something true by using some ignorant logic like, It's so cold! Guess that warming theory is dead wrong.. when extremely cold Arctic Air Mass descends from Canada into the area. In the past year many all-time records have been broken in the Shreveport Forecast Area. Ultimately We are the cause of these weather extremes. Buy a solar car and use the new, wireless electrical grid to recharge the batteries in the vehicle while in motion and know you did something to shift the balance back. However, I do know, and believe it is already too late.


Updated: 8:56 PM GMT on January 25, 2010


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By: OrangeRoses, 4:00 PM GMT on January 16, 2010

After a few warmup days, partially overcast( 3/4 ) — of the time, too — we now have some rain. The map below is interesting. Look carefully to see a few clouds moving from NNW≡SSE over Central Oklahoma and the storm system moving the opposite direction SSE≡NNW. The Jet Stream aligns with the storm direction, and it should! The air is moving and both should be identical in direction. The winds map( at some undefined altitude ) show N≡S over Oklahoma. This map will auto update, so within 8 hours the above may no longer apply.

Also,a very good sign of the future appears on the map to the extreme west with a rapidly moving storm system flying over the Baja in Mexico almost due east.



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By: OrangeRoses, 3:17 PM GMT on January 14, 2010

Rain is forecasted with water vapor data being part of the process, according to the NWS Shreveport Scientific Discussion(around 4:44 AM) this morning. The water vapor map showed few areas with greater moisture than a median level, colored white ( like clouds ) above my area. However, this website( ) has once again allowed a 50-50 chance of rain posted for tonight.

Those of you who have read this blog know my position on such a worthless forecast. 50% chance of rain means it may rain or it may not with equal possibities either way. So, it is a guess at best! This is unacceptable given the access to billions of dollars of scientific equipment, updated in near realtime for the professionals who lay the underlying pavement that is translated into simple English called a Fore Cast. Cast your line out onto the waters; 50% chance you may catch a fish; 50% chance the fish will be hungry to want your lure; 50% chance neither will happen.



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By: OrangeRoses, 9:39 AM GMT on January 08, 2010

Wind Chillfactor

Must have sensed some very cold air, for an OrangeRose is very sensitive to temperature, and changes, because at that time the wind chillfactor outside had reached its lowest value: 0° F. || -17.777777° C. I woke up, startled at how early it was! Even the The Gatekeepers( the Guardians of the City Gates ) were fast asleep. Although the temperature has only fallen 10° F. since sunset( 10 hours ago), the wind chillfactor 13° in the same timeframe, this wind has been catching its breath over the past hour by not exhaling so hard, which means the wind chillfactor has risen! yes risen/warmer, as the temperature continues to slowly drop( like it's nervous to break all records or something ).

*One Nine Ten 1/9/10 Saturday Update*

We had our coldest night temperature-wise not wind chillfactor-wise early this morning. 10° F with very little wind. Also, at 8 AM CST the Wind began to shift quickly from its past 24 hour direction NW to SE in a matter of 90 minutes! I see no fronts within 200 miles, only the High Pressure area farther south in the state(currently) of Texas has moved closer to the beaches there bordering the polluted Gulf of Mexico. The wind map above may display the corrected direction some time, unless it shows the higher but lower than Jet Stream winds.

Oh, I hope Princess Glaciera visits soon. I miss her clear glassine brush stroke on the pines.

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Updated: 4:57 PM GMT on January 09, 2010


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By: OrangeRoses, 4:48 PM GMT on January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

Local Realtime 24 hour Graph

Water Vapor Map Always good to know how moist it is!

NOAA Hydrometeorological National Map

Stay warm and dry.
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