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M 011909

By: OrangeRoses, 9:00 PM GMT on January 19, 2009

Windy over the past 15 hours.

Max Wind Speed 18 mph | 30 km/h
Max Gust Speed 26 mph | 43 km/h



W 011409

By: OrangeRoses, 1:51 PM GMT on January 14, 2009

Seven Day Summary Jan. 7 - 14th

Max Temperature: 69°F | 20°C
Min Temperature: 23°F | -5°C

Wind: 23 mph | 37 km/h Gust: 33 mph | 53 km/h

It has been quite cold and the corresponding wind chills (what we actually "feel") push the minimum values lower 10 -20%. Φ


Sun 010409

By: OrangeRoses, 4:21 PM GMT on January 04, 2009

During the night and into mid morning was another dramatic change in temperature: in a 6 hour period 10:06 UTC 60.9°F | 16.1°C -- 16:09 UTC 39.1°F | 3.9°C. The record breaking all time high temps yesterday for the entire region are now being balanced with normal lows. Φ


Th 010109

By: OrangeRoses, 8:16 AM GMT on January 01, 2009

Happy New Year
to you, and you, and you, and...


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Fuller Farms
Haworth, OK
Elevation: 433 ft
Temperature: 79.2 °F
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Humidity: 53%
Wind: 1.0 mph from the NNE
Wind Gust: 7.0 mph
Updated: 12:26 PM CDT on October 06, 2015
Stone Haven
Idabel, OK
Elevation: 489 ft
Temperature: 79.6 °F
Dew Point: 62.5 °F
Humidity: 56%
Wind: 4.0 mph from the SSE
Wind Gust: 4.0 mph
Updated: 12:26 PM CDT on October 06, 2015

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