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By: OGal, 1:10 PM GMT on November 17, 2008

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This blog is about changing your lifestyle. That applies
to weight and any other type change you might like to work on in your life. This is a place to post and incourage. As I have said many times to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more. Good foods of course help with the weight losing porcess but you still have to allow the goodies once in awhile. It is a great way to reward yourself for a week of eating the good foods.

There are many weight loss programs out there but the desire to lose the weight must take place in your brain first. Ya really got to want it!!!!

The folks that have given up smoking need to be mentioned here too. Once again the true desire to suceed has to be part of the process. Ya got to want to stop! You are giving you and your family a wonderful gift.

As many of us are getting older weight bearing excercises should be part of our daily exercise routine. We will talk about the best way to accomplish this.

Do you want to add your name to the 2009 Lifestyle

Beachfox, just needs to lose a few more pounds.
She already has a good start.......so keep on keeping on BF!

Blu is gonna kick that ole smoking habit once and for all. You guys who have managed to no longer smoke give her lots of support.

Charlesimages wants to be on the list. He was another star from last year losing the weight he wanted to lose. We are just waiting to see what he chooses to do this year.

Code, just needs to throw Sandi's pounds back across the pond at her. On to a skinny, beach summer Code :)

Dragonfly wants a year of much better organization. Good luck!!

Gams, one of our 2008 stars wants to keep on a healthy path. We are proud of you Gams!!

Janes Vacation, teacher, empty nester, walking to stay healthy. Jane, that is what we like to hear!!

NRAmy, even our pretty Amy wants to be added to the list for 2009. She hopes to take in less processed sugar. I think we all could do that too.

Oneshot, ok so just a few more dog walks. The important thing is that you are sooo happy!

Precis3377, working on that perfect bod so when hubby returns he will be amazed. No depression for this gal!!

Rays, so ok here it is in black and white. You are going to quit smoking this year. We all wish you the best of luck. You know the support is here.

Redhead, this lady is gonna be a gramma to four next year. The new baby will arrive in July. She has to lose a few more pounds so she will have lots of energy to enjoy those grand babies. So ok Red just do it!!

Sandi is the first to put her name on the 2009 list. She has lost weight in 2008 but wants to continue in a healthy way to lose more weight in 2009! You go girl!!

Sealbeach Karen, another one of our super stars has come back. Karen just wants to be on the list for one more year and then say goodbye to all of us in 2010.

Skepony is going down on the list because she has made it two years smoke free. Her hint to quiting......*****google diseased lungs*****

Ok!! I got it !!! My New Year's Resolution!!!
Credit goes to Pottery!! (check main blog Dec.27 evening)
Pottery explained about the value of planting trees. I've been a tree planter - but not with this purpose.
"It has been shown, that each individual needs to plant 80 trees in their lifetime, to counter their personal footprint".
Sounds great Surfmom, get planting :)

By Rose Huscher

A) Warm-up with low intensity activity and active full
range of motion stretches.
B) Cardiovascular work can be brisk walking, jogging, land
or water aerobics, swimming or cycling for at least
thirty continuous minutes
C) Cool down to safely lower your heart rate by gradually
slow your pace.
D) Toning and weight training will increase muscle
strength and bone density.
E) Stretching and flexibility moves are essential to
reduce risk of injury, improve range of motion and
relax contracted muscles. Don't skip this important

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