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no heat in sight

By: NEwxguy, 12:45 PM GMT on July 29, 2013

July 29th
Last 3 days of July.The first half of the month was very hot,so July will end up well above normal,with below normal rainfall for me,but many areas hit by torrential downpours that past couple of weeks will have above normal.We end July with unsettled and much cooler weather,and it looks like August may start out much cooler than normal.Next week,may be close to record lows for a couple of the mornings,we'll have to wait and see.Also August the tropical season starts to ramp up.TS Dorian,fell apart over the weekend,and we'll have to wait and see if it can rejuvenate,Florida will have to watch this closely.We here in New England are safe right now,with the current weather pattern,as the low is coming down from Canada,but a long tropical season ahead.

July 30th
So yesterday,they gave a very slight chance of a storm as the cold front approaches.Well,slight chance was pretty good.We had some pretty heavy storms form in the afternoon,and frequent lightning and heavy downpours,some downpours came down with bright sunshine. Now a couple of beautiful summer days with low humidity.

July 31st
So we say goodbye to July,which for the most part was above normal with two heat waves during mid July and very humid.We are ending on a less humid more comfortable note.
So August is one of those months that starts the transistion.The first half is still very summery,but daytime daylight is shrinking rapidly.We lose our long evenings.The last half of August still can be hot,but also the cooler mornings are evident.Summer seems to just fly by.

August 01
The start of August always represents to me the sliding down the hill toward winter.Evenings are getting shorter,more cold fronts are starting to come down out of Canada with cooler nights.
This year we are starting august on the cooler wetter side.Heavy rain is expected to move in this evening and through the night ending tomorrow morning.Ok weekend,but chance of showers each afternoon.At this point,no hot weather in sight,in fact most of the country is below 90,except for the Southwest.
This is also the time of year we start to watch the waves coming off of Africa for development.Right now alot of dry air and dust from the Sahara will keep things quiet for a little while.

August 02
Unusual pattern for this time of year with deep troughs digging down along the east US,which is creating very unsettled weather and much cooler temps.This will save the ac bills/electric,but it makes the summer feel shorter. Would like to see more summery weather before fall sets in,but no hot weather in the cards for now.

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cool coastal low

By: NEwxguy, 2:51 PM GMT on July 22, 2013

July 22nd,
As the saying goes all good things must come to an end.So back physically,but the mind is a little slow to come off vacation mode.The good news is It was a very good vacation,the bad news is,it was only one week.I need to take two weeks in a row to truly relax.
Vacation couldn't have been timed better as the heatwave lasted all week.We had a couple of showers in the evening the first two nights,and that was it.
Lots of beach time,lots of eating,**too much**,lots of sun,but not too much,and Belle did great.No problems.

July 23rd
So the weather pattern changed from excessive heat to a cooler and wetter pattern.This morning lots of heavy showers around and very humid as a warm front is slowly moving north,another chance of showers this afternoon as a cold front approaches.Looks like an unsettled cooler period ahead into next week,so some badly needed rain is forecast.

July 24th
Nearly all of July has had high dewpoints upper 60's to low 70's,unusual for it to last so long without an occasional canadian cool front to dry us out,but today a cold front moves through the areas dropping dewpoints into the 50's tonight into tomorrow.The fly in the ointment is the front stalls around cape code or just offshore and a small wave will move up along the front tomorrow.The big question will be how far north this rain gets,right now SE Mass and cape cod and the islands definitely will get showery.It will be cool ocean breeze tomorrow keeping eastern sections in low 70's with not much sun.

July 25th
For us here in eastern new england were in for a cool wet couple of days,clearing out nicely for the weekend.Almost call this a nor'easter,with breezes conditions out of the northeast and some rain possibly heavy at times for eastern portions and SE areas of Mass. and RI.

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vacation and cooler drier weather briefly

By: NEwxguy, 1:35 PM GMT on July 08, 2013

July 8th
Now that the Bermuda High has weakened its grip on New England,the unsettled weather with storms and heavy rain will move into our area,with brief dry periods.The first heavy shower and storm event will be this afternoon.Strong storms with heavy rains should form this afternoon by 2 pm if not sooner.

July 9th
Cool marine air has covered most of Southern New England.Front is hung up along northern Conn. and Rhode Island.We will probably stay in the 70's today,before the front moves back north tomorrow and we get back into the warm sector.More Shwrs/strms late tomorrow and especially on Thursday as a cold front moves through and we finally kick this humidity out.Looks to be a dry and normally warm weekend at this time.

July 10th
So as my week slowly moves along toward my vacation,kind of like watching paint dry.Our weather here in eastern Mass is cool and camp,spotty drizzle this morning,should break by late morn into warm and humid weather.Then we wait to see how the storms develop this afternoon,first out west and moving east.Whether they ever make it to the east coast is another story,as in the past storms lose their support the closer they get to the ocean.A cold front will make slow movement through New England the next couple of days and should be offshore by sometime friday setting us up for a warm,but less humid weekend.Hot and humid weather comes back next week,just in time for my vacation.

July 11th,
Very unsettled day with numerous showers and thunderstorms.Already showers with downpours forming across the southern sections moving NE.Another round this afternoon.Unsettled right into Saturday morning,especially south of the Mass Pike,then starting Sunday we get back into the hot humid weather,with only slight chances of afternoon storms.

July 12th
So its a final day before I leave for vacation.
Going to be a long day trying to get everything in order.Belle still a little under the weather,obviously didn't like the benedryl or she had a little bug yesterday.Seemed herself this morning.Will wait and see.Much cooler weather this morning and more comfortable.but this is only a short respite as the hot and humid weather returns starting Sunday.

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severe thunder storm warnings

By: NEwxguy, 1:16 PM GMT on July 01, 2013

July 7th
End of the heatwave is insight,the 90 degree days should end,but humidity will be around until next weekend.Its going to be an unsettled week,with periods of showers and thunderstorms.Mainly on Monday and again wed. and Thu.Next weekend is uncertain,depending on where a front stalls,it could turn showers and cool weather next weekend.

July 6th
Heat advisories still in place,but slightly better today with a lot more clouds around.Possibility of clouds building up into scattered showers mostly along the Mass turnpike.
Still very humid.Showers/storm chances increase over the next few days and through the week.

July 5th
I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th.Our heatwave continues right through the weekend.
Today low to mid 90's with dewpoints upper 60's and low 70's.Thankfully there's a breeze out there during the day.

July 4th
Happy Birthday USA!!!
We celebrate the 4th in Boston with our big concert and fireworks,with tremendous security in place.
Heat advisories are up with temps in the 90's and dewpoints in the low 70's

July 03

Here's hoping everyone has a safe 4th of July and a happy one.A large part of the country will be in a heatwave,along the east coast this may be the start of a 5-6 day heatwave,dependingon on where the jetstream settles in.The Atlantic Bermuda High is building in so the heat pump will be on.

July 02
The end is in sight of this stormy pattern,as we approach the weekend,we see hotter,but less storms.
Still a slight chance of a pop up storm in the afternoon,but scatterd.It will remain very humid.

July 01
We start off July similar to the weather we had for most of June.Mostly cloudy,very humid,with chance of shwrs/Storms.The most rain will be in western areas of new england and northern new england as a boundary sets up and showers will train along that boundary.Flash flood watch has been issued for western new england and New York,down the east coast.
The end of the week,looks very hot and humid as the Bermuda high retrogrades west,pumping up the heat.

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