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Why no thunderstorms?

By: N3EG, 2:03 AM GMT on June 25, 2011

Longview seems to get little to no thunderstorm activity compared to Portland and Seattle. Here are the reasons why:

1. That darn Columbia River. It funnels the cool marine air inland in the late afternoon, blowing the convection eastward and over the Cascades.

2. The jet stream (at least the last two years) is strong and right over us. Convection won't sit still when it's being sheared off like that.

3. The north wind. Subtropical moisture doesn't come from the north, and south wind events are rare in the summertime - and more rare the last two years.

4. Bad upper level low positioning. I remember one year when a ULL blasted us with thunderstorms from the east. No such luck the last few years. The ULL has been too far south and/or east to give us anything
more than outflow to our south.

Maybe we'll get some this year? Nope. Try again next spring.


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