African Wave Train Showing Signs of Life

By: MrSea, 2:30 PM GMT on July 14, 2009

After going the whole month of June and the first two weeks of July without a single named storm, the African Wave Train is finally showing signs of life.For those who don't know, the African Wave Train refers to groups of thunderstorms that track across Africa and then enter the Atlantic Ocean just south of the Cape Verde islands. These thunderstorms can later develop into tropical cyclones, and are responsible for some of the most well known hurricanes.Well over t...

Sever Thunderstorms in the Northeast

By: MrSea, 6:27 PM GMT on June 26, 2009

Just a quick post... everyone in the northeast (namely SE NY, eastern PA, New Jersey, Long Island, and the New England States) should keep a very close eye on the weather today. The atmosphere is destabilizing very quickly here on Long Island with dewpoints around 70 and temps rising into the upper 70s. Clusters of showers and strong thunderstorms are forming into a squall line stretching from western PA to eastern MA. This line will be encountering an increasing...

Hurricane Season 2009 forecast

By: MrSea, 10:40 PM GMT on June 02, 2009

Obviously, there is nothing going on in the Atlantic Basin today. In fact, at my house right now it is 59 degrees. Average high is 74, and let me tell you.. it feels nothing like June, and it certainly feels nothing like hurricane season around here. Really the only disturbance in the Atlantic right now is a non-tropical low located at 40N, 24W.Waters are very chilly under that disturbance, so it should not go tropical.So its quiet today... how about tomorrow? How a...

Blockbuster East Coast Storm

By: MrSea, 8:04 PM GMT on April 03, 2009

Hey all, remember the great Tax Day Storm of 2007? The two year anniversary of that storm is coming up in about two weeks. But here's the interesting thing. This is what the map looked like on April 12, 2007. Now... look at that compared to today's map....WOW!!! Look at that similarity! Almost scary. Let's watch and see if this storm evolves in a similar fashion.

Live, In the Snowstorm

By: MrSea, 5:48 PM GMT on February 28, 2009

Sunday night into Monday, I am expected to receive a major snowstorm. I will be posting stats, snowfall reports, pictures, and videos frequently during the storm, so anyone who chooses to visit the blog can feel like they are encountering the storm with me. Feel free to come and join me and post in the Comments section as I am posting the pictures and videos discussing the storm. I will start the posting around 6pm tomorrow, assuming everything is coming together ...

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