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Rain continues

By: MrMixon, 3:05 AM GMT on September 27, 2012

A nice little band of showers just swept across our area, we got some small hail and it sounds like quite a bit of rain. The gauge had 0.02" at 7pm last night, it was up to 0.49" this morning. I didn't get home early enough to check it tonight, but I think our storm total will be near an inch or more.

EDIT: Just measured it this morning at 0.69"... not bad, but a little less than I'd predicted. The low pressure system sweeping across the state is quite visible on the water vapor loop below. This system is predicted to bring us a few more showers today and possible fog tonight.

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Updated: 4:03 PM GMT on September 27, 2012


Snow within spitting distance, but rain for tonight.

By: MrMixon, 5:09 AM GMT on September 26, 2012

Nice little upslope system for us tonight. Been raining steady at ~8,100' for a couple hours now - rain is coming down as snow just one or two thousand feet up...


Autumn begins

By: MrMixon, 4:44 PM GMT on September 24, 2012

The first bands off a weak low pressure system moving along the Nevada/Idaho border have given us some light rain in Louisville this morning and there are heavy clouds from the plains to the peaks. We get a better shot at precip tomorrow, but it looks like most areas across the northern part of the state will get some light precip today. This webcam for Crested Butte is looking quite autumnal today.

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Spotty showers yesterday

By: MrMixon, 4:25 PM GMT on September 18, 2012

Spotty showers drifted across the area yesterday as a cold front descended across the plains. It was cloudy most of the day and we got a few moments of light rain at the house, amounting to something like 0.01" of precipitation. Meanwhile rumor has it that downtown Nederland got hail and probably 0.2" of rain. Location makes all the difference sometimes.

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Updated: 3:38 PM GMT on September 19, 2012


Rain, rain, rain

By: MrMixon, 4:03 PM GMT on September 13, 2012

It began raining Tuesday afternoon... by around 3:30pm on Tuesday we'd picked up 0.03" in an afternoon shower. Another band swept through later Tuesday evening, dropping maybe another 0.10". The main event started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (~3:00), as steady rain picked up and persisted until early evening. After the main rain band had pushed through a small straggling storm cell swept across the Ned area, dropping another 0.10 or so. The final tally at our place for the entire system was 0.89".

The rain was much needed and I welcomed it, despite the fact that it rained on me all day Wednesday... the first day of fieldwork I've had in over a year and a half. The person working the front desk at the site I visited in Salida said it hadn't rained in that area for something like two months.

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Updated: 10:12 PM GMT on September 16, 2012


Feels like autumn for sure

By: MrMixon, 5:01 PM GMT on September 08, 2012

We got another 0.05" of precip yesterday. Technically, the 0.06" I recorded Friday morning all fell after 3am, so all 0.11" of precip fell on Friday. Beautiful sunny day here today, but it was chilly last night. It was 38F at about 6:30am this morning according to my cheapy digital therm. There was a light coating of frost on the roof of the house, but I didn't see any frost on the vegetation. I fired up the new woodstove this morning...


New Location - First Rain

By: MrMixon, 6:45 PM GMT on September 07, 2012

We got our first rain at the new place last night thanks to a cold front. 0.06". It looks like more showers are on the way...


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