Apology to the Community

By: MississippiWx, 3:47 PM GMT on September 12, 2013

Now that everything has settled down, I wanted to take the time to apologize to the WU community for the blog I posted yesterday. Most of you who have come here for a long time know that I never purposely post incorrect information and that I normally post what I believe to be true. Yesterday was a bad error in judgement. Just because the information I received was coming from reliable bloggers doesn't mean I had the right to post those things.

I said se...

Northwest Caribbean Development June 1-7

By: MississippiWx, 2:42 AM GMT on May 25, 2013

We've all been discussing for a few weeks the Northwest Caribbean and the possibilities of development there. From what I've seen on the models and the predicted pattern, things are still lined up for potential development there during the first week of June. We often forget to not let a few model runs, especially operational runs, change our minds on the possibility of development. In the long range, models are going to waffle on certain ideas, but anywhere you can...

Hurricane Tropical Weather Caribbean

Updated: 7:30 PM GMT on May 26, 2013

Tropical Depression 5 Aimed at the Lesser Antilles

By: MississippiWx, 7:06 AM GMT on August 02, 2012

Well, I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to share about TD5, so I'm making a blog for the first time in a year or so. I'll probably be a little rusty, but I digress.Thursday, August 2, 2012Current ConditionsTropical Depression 5 is moving swiftly to the WNW at an estimated motion of 16kts and is currently on a beeline for the Central and Southern parts of the island chain. The current depiction of TD5 on satellite is very poor and resembles an open wave more than a tr...


Updated: 8:10 AM GMT on August 02, 2012

T.D. 12 forms, Gulf of Mexico development possible mid-week

By: MississippiWx, 10:32 PM GMT on August 29, 2011

SynopsisTropical Depression 12 formed early this morning in the Eastern Atlantic from the African wave that had been tagged 92L the past couple of days. It is the main feature in the Eastern half of the Atlantic. The Western Atlantic is very active convection-wise today. The convection is being aided by a lingering boundary left behind by Irene, a surface trough of low pressure moving across the Western Caribbean, and an upper level low pressure system near Puerto R...


Updated: 10:38 PM GMT on August 29, 2011

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