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March 2014 Forecast: Will winter ever end?

By: Mikeman444, 7:33 AM GMT on February 26, 2014

March 2014 Forecast. For Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
Issued 7:50pm March 1 2014

After a bitter cold February(7C colder than normal) the March is off to a very cold start with brutal cold. A large part of the prairies are freezing under the -40C temperatures. While it is very cold to start March is likely to end on the warm side resulting in a near to slightly cooler than normal month. Precipitation should be near normal or lower than normal.

March 1-10: Fast recovery from the extreme cold in Alberta, slower improvement to the east. Dry

March 10-20: first tease from spring in Alberta, heavy snow to the east.

March 20-30: Warm and dry making it's way into southern Alberta could bring the first real spring taste and slowly spread into the rest of the prairies. We could see some +15C temperatures as far north as Edmonton and as far east as Regina. Conditions very dry.

Updated: 2:57 AM GMT on March 02, 2014


February 2014 Forecast: Return of the deep freeze

By: Mikeman444, 11:15 PM GMT on February 03, 2014

First a look back. January 2014 was the complete opposite of the forecast with little more than half the normal snowfall and temperatures 6C above normal. another notable event was on January 15th when the region experienced on of the strongest wind storms in recorded history.
Hurricane force wind gusts whipped chunks of ice and debris across highways and blew over transport trucks. Most tree damage was to evergreens. Some Structures were damaged however there we not injuries from the storm, the winds also broke temperature records with some places reaching 16C(60F).

February 2014 Forecast for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
Issued 4:15pm Monday February 4th 2014.

Overall the return of the Arctic vortex will bring brutal cold much like what we saw in December. Snowfall may not be as high but May total more than normal.

Feb 1-10: Becoming very cold, somewhat dry.

Feb 10-20: Very cold with heavy snow, blizzard risk

Feb 20-28: Remaining cold, slight chance of a warmup. Heavy snow with blizzard risk


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