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Incredibly soggy Summer 2012 forecast

By: Mikeman444, 12:59 AM GMT on June 11, 2012

After such a dry winter The last thing I expected was summer being not just wet, but possibly historically wet. Rainfall could pass 1 metre(1000m) in some areas this summer. Already int he first 10 days of June parts of Alberta are nearly a quarter of the way. During July Most of the prairies could be dealing with "jungle" conditions with daily downpours and very high humidity. I'm not expecting any extremes other than rain and humidity. Most areas except the extreme south and east will have trouble reaching 30C due to heavy cloud cover.

Forecast issued
0:42UTC June 11 2012

June 10-21: Extremely wet, Locally 200mm in some locations. Colder than normal near the Rockies warmer than normal for Manitoba, Sask, and far northern Alberta

June 21-30: Incredibly wet, Possible accumulations near 300mm in the Alberta foothills, 100mm or more locally in nearly all areas

July 1-15: Warm and very humid for most areas, any sunshine results in very severe thunderstorms, grapefruit sized hail, flash flooding, and very high winds. 100mm or more in most areas in Alberta, slightly less tot he east. "hot fog" in some areas.

July 15-31: Dangerously high humidity in Manitoba, and most of Saskatchewan, Sunny days end with very Severe thunderstorms. Severe thunderstorms daily in Alberta.

Aug 1-15: Becoming drier, very humid with frequent Severe thunderstorms in most areas. Much warmer in Alberta

Aug 15-31: Severe thunderstorms slowly diminish as drier conditions slowly move into Alberta.

Sept 1-21: Thunderstorms here and there, Considerably warmer than normal for most areas due to high moisture levels. first frost may be delayed well into October


June 2012 forecast for the Canadian prairies

By: Mikeman444, 11:41 PM GMT on June 05, 2012

A look back at May 2012.
My May forecast did quite well. Temperatures were overall near to slightly below average. Rainfall was near average to below average.

Forecast for June 2012
Issued 5:08pm Jun 5 2012

Warmer than normal for most of Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, and parts of Alberta. Near normal to cooler than normal for Central Alberta.

Precipitation is expected to be well above normal in Central and western Alberta with flooding likely. Drier than normal in northern and eastern regions with near normal in between.

June 1-10: Near to slightly cooler than normal, extremely Wet in parts of Alberta, severe weather and tornado has so far been in extreme southern regions.

June 10-20: Remaining cool very wet in Alberta, Significant toughing will lead to considerable heavy rainfall over wide areas, possibly leading to flooding in nearly all areas. Southern portions continue to see the brunt of the severe weather and tornadoes.

June 20-30: Continued very wet and and cool conditions in Alberta rivers likely well beyond flood stage and effecting a far larger area then the 2005 floods, severe weather begins to make headway north to cities like Saskatoon, possibility of outbreaks.

Updated: 11:46 PM GMT on June 05, 2012


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