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April 2011 forecast

By: Mikeman444, 4:44 AM GMT on April 03, 2011

My April 2011 forecast for an slow and easy glide out of winter. Some areas will still have snow by the end of the month as there is so much of it to begin with.

BC: Wet on the coast, early heat in the interior with a few thunderstorms.

Alberta: Drier weather helps to minimize the flood risk and below normal temperatures lead to a slower melt. A total lack of any significant weather other than a few snowstorms in the extreme parts of the province. Parts will still have mounds of snow coming into May. Any rain will come from showers and Thunderstorms

Saskatchewan: Drier weather helps to dry out pools of water left behind by the melting snow. Heavy spring snow at times in the southern areas with Thunderstorms in the northern part of the province

Manitoba. A lack of heavy spring rain is good news for the flood situation, though this region is the one most prone to heat during the the forecast. A few days of 25C or higher are likely and rapid snow-melt is quite possible


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