Blizzards to the left, Blizzards to the right

By: MNTornado, 7:56 PM GMT on January 08, 2015

Forecast for Flying Cloud Airport - Eden Prairie, MN - 44.830 -93.461 - 902 ft

From what I'm seeing out my window and from the weather forecasts, I'm getting the feeling that things are going to get really hairy by the afternoon rush hour. And from what I'm seeing across the country, going South is no improvement as this arctic blast is even exten...

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Updated: 5:35 AM GMT on January 09, 2015

Coldest month of the year

By: MNTornado, 11:35 PM GMT on January 06, 2015

So far December and January have been the coldest months of this Winter season. January is living up to it's reputation as the coldest month of the year with the sub zero temperatures and with the winds we are experiencing the coldest wind chill affects ( what it feels like ) of -20F to -50F degrees. I kid you not! The northern half of Minnesota has been experiencing wind chills of -35F to -50F for the last 7 days. We are being told that tonight will be the cold...

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Severe cold and winds on the way!

By: MNTornado, 4:40 AM GMT on January 04, 2015

Well it was nice to have some warmer weather for a while, but the deep freeze is on it's way again, if not already here. Along with the snowfall that is passing through the state of Minnesota, a cold wave with high winds are following close behind making for some very cold weather once again. And to make things worse, a good portion of SW Minnesota is under a blizzard waring. If you don't need to be out and about, it's best to hibernate till this is over, at leas...

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New Years day and welcome warmth

By: MNTornado, 10:18 PM GMT on January 01, 2015

Well it is New Years Day 2015 and after spending a couple of days in subzero temperatures, we are having some welcome warmth. It's 32F here in the Southwest side of the Twin Cities Metro with the next couple of days looking like the same thing. Then we go into another dip into the subzero freezer once again. Not all that unusual for this part of Minnesota for this time of the year. After all, January is typically the coldest month of the year. It's just that we...

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Cold, Cold, and more Cold

By: MNTornado, 4:42 AM GMT on December 30, 2014

If you live anywhere in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, you are going to feel a real cold brush of Winter air tonight.  Current temperatures in Minnesota at 10:30pm CST range from 0F to -17F.  Here in Shakopee in the Southwest side of the Metro Twin Cities, we are expected to cool off to -6F and a high temperature on Tuesday of 0F.  The low temperature for Tuesday night into Wednesday will be -5F before warming up again to a reasonable high of ...

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