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Rain :(.......go away

By: Levi32, 3:36 PM GMT on January 30, 2007

Well, for the second time this winter it is raining. A very sneakily placed low has spread it's warm sector over us, brining extremely mild temps and lots of rain. My house reached 41 degrees yesterday, with the same expected today. And I was so happy about our snowpack yesterday too :'( .Yesterday we hit 38 inches of snow. That is more snow then we've had at any given time over the last 6 years. And now we're gonna lose up to 10 inches of it to this confounded rain lol. Right now it looks like this pattern change will last for at least a few days before cooling down below freezing again. This means more awful sloppy driveways to get stuck in which I'm sure we all enjoy. And this will just intensify the already flooded Kenai River which has been having ice jam problems ever since a remote lake broke its natural dam and started pooring into the river. Anyway, Alaska never used to be this way lol.

We shall see what happens!


Hi Everyone

By: Levi32, 3:37 PM GMT on January 23, 2007

Yeah......I's been a long time lol. I'm not very consistent when I say I'll keep you updated am I LOL. Well it turns out that life keeps throwing screwballs at us and I just havn't found the time to blog here. I'm sorry I wasn't here for the holidays, and I hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and new year.

A quick update on winter in Alaska. I have a 30-inch snow pack now at my house, bigger than any we had last year or the last 5 years before that. Hard to believe when I was little we had routine 6-9 foot snow packs. Thankfully it has only rained when it was supposed to snow on one occasion this winter so far, so at least the snow that falls is sticking around.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get on here, but I can tell you this I WILL be here for the approach of hurricane season 2007, even if I'm gone till spring. Have a wonderful year everyone!

Updated: 3:37 PM GMT on January 23, 2007


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