Chicago Cubs and Android . . .

By: Jonas , 11:51 PM GMT on June 02, 2014

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Chicago Cubs and Android . . .

My mother-in-law was a relative of Ralph Houk and during the years he was the coach of The Denver Bears, she had a front row seat behind the dugout. When I told my children that their grandmother listened to Bears on AM radio every time they played (prior to Ralph Houk and thereafter) and that she could tell you facts about the team that are usually available in a record book, they were surprised. The woman loved minor league baseball. In retrospect, I think that was the only thing she and I agreed on.

I don’t know how many years she listened to the Bears, but I know she listened to the Zephyrs (the team name after the Bears were decommissioned). She never listened to The Colorado Rockies because, first, they were major league and, second, she was ill for the first two years they were in Denver. The first year the Rockies were there Major League Baseball went on strike and the last half of the season was lost. She died during the second season.

I, too, am a staunch fan of minor league baseball. Indirectly I now come to the Android operating system, minor league baseball and Internet streaming.

Morning “Box Scores” are as normal as coffee and toast to me. Within a few minutes I can get all the information, smile, or grouse and be on my way. Now, however, science and engineering have added little something extra, “Streaming Audio and Video”. Minor and major league anything is now available most anywhere and from nearly every place. Some free, some for a few bucks a month above the cost of a DSL connection.

Comes now my Coby Kyros which I bought because I could install a large amount of RAM in the unit. It is now equally as good as most any tablet and after a little “tweaking” it performs exceptionally well. Let me back up a little on this and let you in on a tweaking secret which up until a few days ago I was unaware would work.

The Coby, at the outset, was not the best purchase I have ever made. It sat on a shelf most of the time and when I did attempt to use it, the little gadget was just downright stubborn and resisted all means to get it to operate as the manual suggested. A few days ago, in a moment of absolute frustration, I tossed it on the floor with such force the back flew off (I never knew it could be removed). Oddly, the damn thing was still looking back at me, but in a much brighter and cleared fashion. I stared at it for a few seconds in disbelief wondering how it survived what I intended to be the destruction of the machine.

I picked it up, then in two pieces, snapped the back panel on it and took a long-shot by resetting the the operating system to factory and removing the root in the same fell swoop. I found a nifty little application called, “One Power Guard” which has some nice features not dependent on the Root. A few settings, connect to the wireless router, locate the stream I wanted and I have been listening to the Iowa Cubs since.

I am a “Cubby” fan and Iowa Cubs are the Triple A Farm Team for the Chicago Cubs. I am, also, a minor league fan, easier for me to deal with than major league.

Streaming, DSL, Internet . . . try and convince me there isn’t a Higher Deity!

P.S. The reason for the "Chicago Cubs" in the header is because people recognize the name.

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To answer a question . . .

Keep utmost in mind, I accept no responsibility in any manner if you “flatten” your android system and lose all your data.

I suggest you read (study) the rooting system, what it means and what benefits you hope to gain by “rooting” your Android. I have done it successfully, took the long route using Microsoft SDK and some lengthy application which I have forgotten; just something like “Oneclick” comes to mind. There are better ways and I am attaching an image of the gadget available at Sourceforge. Remember, this is your decision entirely if you elect to root your android device.

In my instance, I gained nothing by doing so. The Barefoot Android 2.3 Gingerbread does all I need it to do. I did add the “One Power Guard” and accessed some of the features which are not Root dependent. The results of this have been more than favorable for my requirements.

My Coby Kyros MID8127 has the reset opening on the side panel shown in the attached image. Usually a brief search along the Internet will give you the answer. I use a small drill bit to get to the reset button.

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