Fishing with a jerk!

By: Jim Root, 1:01 AM GMT on April 21, 2014

After a long cold winter in the Northeastern United States the ice is finally melting off most of the lakes in New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. With temperatures climbing near 80 on some sunny afternoons, it can be a great time to get on the water. But go too early in the morning, and the cool 30 degree air will quickly remind you that it's still early spring. Bass are still deep. It'll be another month at the least before they begin the...

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Trout season in full swing across the US

By: Jim Root, 11:37 PM GMT on April 14, 2014

There is little purer than Trout fishing in America. It's timeless, romantic, and above all else it represents the end of winter. Much of what I learned came from my grandfather, Les. It's not easy, and unlike other bodies of water, small streams require very specific conditions to be productive fisheries. In streams like this one, if the water is too high, too low, too warm, or too cold, and you're not properly prepared it'll leave you empty handed.


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The Crawside of the Moon.

By: Jim Root, 12:04 AM GMT on April 07, 2014

Understanding crawfish patterns and coloration is key to big bites!

There are very few people in the world who don't throw jigs or other crawfish imitations when bass fishing. Some people have no less than three jigs tied at any given time on their boat. So what is it that makes them so deadly on bass, and how do you know what color to use? There has been a lot of research recently that says it's not enough to throw a tube, you need to know the correct...

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My own episode of Deadliest Catch

By: Jim Root, 1:47 AM GMT on March 31, 2014

Recently my friend Toby asked me "What's the worst weather-related experience you ever had on the water?" I didn't even hesitate when I answered him. It was so scary I wrote about it. If you look at the data you'll see that we had gusts of nearly 50 mph reported that day, and I assure you they were higher in the middle of the lake. And if that didn't scare you, the huge and frequent lightning surely would have.

Anyhow, here it is, along with the wea...

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The Roots of a fishing journal

By: Jim Root, 8:41 PM GMT on March 23, 2014

There's a guy I know who told me long ago "Rooty, you're a good hunter, but if you wanna be a great hunter, you need to start keeping a journal". He was right. But I had no idea just how right he was until I began using that for tracking data that has been a crucial part of my fishing toolkit that I have managed to fine tune so that it only takes me about 10 minutes to complete after each fishing trip.

The main things I track are temperature...

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