Earth Has Its 4th Warmest March on Record; Weekend Severe Weather Outbreak Coming

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 1:21 PM GMT on April 23, 2014

March 2014 was the globe's 4th warmest March since records began in 1880, according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and NASA. March 2014 global land temperatures were the 5th warmest on record, and global ocean temperatures were also the 5th warmest on record. The year-to-date January - March period has been the 7th warmest on record for the globe. Global satellite-measured temperatures in March 2013 for the lowest 8 km of the atmosphere were 11th or ...

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Earth Day 2014 Wunderphoto Selections

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 11:50 AM GMT on April 22, 2014

Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the beauty of the atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere of the planet that sustains us. As is my tradition on Earth Day, I present my favorite wunderphotos uploaded to our web site over the past year. I want to thank everyone who has participated in making this the largest (1.7 million!) and best weather photo gallery on the Internet--your photos are truly an inspiration! Many of my choices were taken from our Worldview Gallery, u...

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Updated: 3:42 PM GMT on April 22, 2014

UFOs, Human Frequencies in Radar Data, and Other Emails From Responsible Persons

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 3:34 PM GMT on April 21, 2014

It's a bit of a slow weather day, so I thought I'd share with you today a few of the more interesting inquiries I've gotten during my 20 years working with Weather Underground. I responded to all of the emails, but not the phone calls. Enjoy!

Jeff Masters

Notes from a phone message taken by my business partner, Jeff Ferguson on May 3, 2002:
It turns out that there is a person in Texas who uses our Nexrad radar imagery to locate people. He ...


More Water For California: New Enormous Water Works Programs Are Expensive

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 9:18 PM GMT on April 18, 2014

The end of the rainy season is nearly here, and California faces a long, dry summer with a Sierra snowpack that is only 33% of normal. There is no significant precipitation in the forecast for California through April 25, but the state still has another shot at a decent round of heavy precipitation the last few days of April, according the latest long-range forecasts from the GFS model. If this storm does materialize, March and April precipitation would be near aver...


California Drought/Polar Vortex Jet Stream Pattern Linked to Global Warming

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 6:56 PM GMT on April 16, 2014

From November 2013 - January 2014, a remarkably extreme jet stream pattern set up over North America, bringing the infamous "Polar Vortex" of cold air to the Midwest and Eastern U.S., and a "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" of high pressure over California, which brought the worst winter drought conditions ever recorded to that state. A new study published this week in Geophysical Research Letters, led by Utah State scientist S.-Y. Simon Wang, found that this jet strea...

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