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By: JanesVacation, 3:18 PM GMT on December 07, 2014

Our daughter received her Master's degree yesterday at St. Francis Xavier University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We watched her walk across the stage and shake hands with the university facilty from the comfort of our home here in Michigan, USA. It was a proud moment for us and we were able to capture a screenshot to print and frame for our home. Her 85 year old grandparents watched on the ipad from their home and my Dad was also able to capture a great screen shot fro...

Updated: 3:21 PM GMT on December 07, 2014

The Polar Vortex

By: JanesVacation, 8:28 PM GMT on November 08, 2014

Last year, when week after week of snow and cold brought the upper Midwest to a other phrase became as popular as "the polar vortex." Let's just say that I NEVER wanted the weather people to mention those words ever again. Now. Just 8 months or so later....

The POLAR VORTEX is upon us. Did it ever leave? After all, we had a very chilly summer.

We are still awaiting the first snow on the ground. It was earlier than this last yea...

Updated: 8:28 PM GMT on November 08, 2014

Fall Arrived!

By: JanesVacation, 12:48 PM GMT on October 16, 2014

Fall arrived practically overnight! The trees have changed color and the weather has been mild and pleasant. Highs in the 60's and lows in the 50's

We harvested the grapes we grew. More than expected, but less than a normal summer due to last winter's extraordinarily cold temperatures. It is a fun project to grow the grapes and at least get enough juice for maybe a half dozen bottles. The yeast has been added to the red grapes and they are fermenting on t...

Meteorological Fall

By: JanesVacation, 1:04 AM GMT on September 04, 2014

I heard that it is meteorological fall. Interesting, it feels like summer. I guess "feels like" isnt the point. I went swimming in the pool today and did my usual laps. The sun was in my eyes and it scarcely felt like September. Enjoying the rays of sunshine for as long as possible, I guess that is the point.

My daughter took this sunset picture while she was visiting this summer. It seems to both capture the hot summer evening in August and also the feel...

Updated: 1:19 AM GMT on September 21, 2014

August, 2014

By: JanesVacation, 12:06 PM GMT on August 11, 2014

August is blueberry month in our area. I took this picture last year, but it looks exactly the same this August. My sister, my daughter and my nephew all picked last week and it was great fun. Afterwards, we came back and my daughter made a blueberry "crisp" out of the delicious berries that had been on the bushes just hours before. It was amazing!

My guests have all departed and now I am going to enjoy the last two weeks of the summer break. The mi...

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