May Days

By: JanesVacation, 12:15 PM GMT on May 06, 2015

May 16, 2015. It's not quite the official beginning of summer yet, but it sure seemed like it! The evening was complete with warm weather and swimmers - yeah, not warm enough for swimming but these boys were about 16 years old and adventurous.

It's been a hectic beginning here to the month of May. We started with a 4.1 earthquake centered about 65 miles from here on Saturday. Our son was here visiting and said "It's an earthquake?" I didn't th...

Updated: 6:27 PM GMT on May 17, 2015

April Showers

By: JanesVacation, 12:24 PM GMT on March 31, 2015

April begins tomorrow and the weather is beginning to show improvement. My crocus are in bloom, but they are very late and rather small due to lack of rain. Signs of April showers are in our extended forecast.

Spring break begins on Good Friday. I'm anxious to spend the week with my daughter. She works from home, so it will be nice to enjoy her company even when she is working. I will likely have some down time to check the weather blogs and s...

Updated: 3:52 PM GMT on April 08, 2015

Springtime! Yippee!

By: JanesVacation, 1:13 PM GMT on March 04, 2015

I heard it is now meteorological spring, so I'm excited! That's it. Hahah. More later since I have to go to school, but wanted to check in and see what my WU friends are thinking about lately.

Took this photo last summer. I'm going to pretend he is looking for spring!

Welcome, February

By: JanesVacation, 12:59 PM GMT on February 02, 2015

Making it to the first day of February is always an accomplishment for me. The days begin to be noticeable longer and the cold and snow will ease up a bit. Today is the February 2 and almost 400 area schools and business are closed today after Super Bowl Sunday's 10-20 inch snowfall.

This morning it is 4F, but the sun is peeking up and the wind and snow have stopped for the day. I heard the plow making his morning route at 4:30 AM. The world is out there,...

Updated: 9:48 PM GMT on February 02, 2015

Straight Lines and Shapes

By: JanesVacation, 3:17 PM GMT on December 28, 2014

I have always enjoyed the forms, lines and shapes found in nature. My favorite part of each day is walking a 2 mile loop and observing the beauty that nature provides and the changes that occur from season to season. We definitely experience all 4 distinct seasons here and each comes with a recognizable seasonal landscape.

Trees were always a topic of conversation and shared experience with my Dad when I was growing up. He often enlisted me to help him p...

Updated: 7:04 PM GMT on December 28, 2014

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