The End Is Near! Year End that is.

By: JaTexas, 1:47 AM GMT on December 29, 2013

We are just a few days from the beginning of a new year. It has been a wild one for us. 2014 starts off with a bride of 39 years is having her knee replaces with a bionic one on Jan 3..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope to have my new weather station back up while we are recovering from the surgery. It is a two part effort hers is the hardest part while mine is cooking, cleaning and pampering all of which I am very good at doing.

We still hav...

Local Weather and More

By: JaTexas, 3:42 PM GMT on October 07, 2013

Fall at last. I have spent the last few days "Under the Weather" whatever that means, to me it means "too sick to well to act normal".

The cold front, which I doubted would make it to the coast but it sure did, is a welcomed relief. It was 54.6 F here in High Island this morning but nobody knew as I am having a bad personal weather station day...week whatever. It is working, transmitting data to someplace but now showing up on the wundermap o...

It Can't Be June Already!

By: JaTexas, 3:06 AM GMT on May 30, 2013

It is almost June and time for Hurricane Season again. We are selling the motor home so evacuation has a new meaning. Leaving High Island three days or longer before the discussion includes our area is no longer an economical option. Our new plan is to target three cities for possible evacs if necessary. Everything packed in the RV is now in plastic boxes that fit into the car trunk (not nearly as convenient). Anyway, we will still scale down our frozen food sup...

Feels like winter down here.

By: JaTexas, 11:15 PM GMT on December 08, 2010

47 F, cloudy and it feels like Winter. Really putting me into the Christmas spirit. Let it Snow!

5" Rain from "Alex" so far.

By: JaTexas, 12:43 PM GMT on July 01, 2010

The grass and plants kept me up all night with their shouts of joy over the rain overnight. It peaked at about 4 AM and our three day total is just over 5" for this storm...Yee Haw.All else is good at our house and hope the same for each of you.

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