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By: Geary , 2:33 PM GMT on August 09, 2008

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Saturday, August 09, 2008
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Satellite Report from this mornings Ham Radio Forecast
.Voice to Text……….
Taking a little satellite tour of the area this morning. Looking first at what things looked like yesterday afternoon and last night. Lots of thunderbumper activity along the mainland all day yesterday. Most had a northern flow and the cells moved up into southwest Arizona and New Mexico. Over Baja and the sea there were scattered cells that were rain producers. As the evening progressed most of these cells blew out, and now this morning, looking down I can see lots of clouds over the mainland but very little thunderbumper activity. I can see one hot spot right now over Hermisillo that is building, and another that has just started to build over Guaymas. No rain was reported by stations on either side of the sea last night.
The sea has some scattered fluffys here and there, mostly remnants of thunderbumper activity yesterday.
Looking to the south to the Mexican Riviera: It is mostly overcast this morning with some evidence of thunderbumper last night. The only real hot spot is at the Tehuantepec where it looks like they are getting a drenching. Guastave Radar is not showing any rain along the Riviera this morning.
So taking a look now in our tropical kitchen to see what’s cooking. Well yesterday, as forecast, TS Hernan became a Himicane. He is almost a thousand miles southwest of the cape this morning heading to Hawaii. So no threat from him. He should Pluto by this weekend.
There are a couple of tropical waves hitching a ride on the ITCZ this morning. There is a low right between them but one is too far ahead and the other too far behind to hook up. The good folks at the NHC are saying we have a 48 hour window of no further tropical development.
So looking now at the west coast of Baja for any fog. Not much. I can see a light marine layer inside of turtle bay and inland a ways, and then only scattered pockets of fog north to the border.
Looking north now to the west coast of America. All of the California coast has a rather thick marine layer hugging the coast. It’s raining along the coast in Oregon and Washington this morning.
Inland most of California and Nevada have clear skies. As I mentioned earlier Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Southern Colorado have this moisture plume over it. The heaviest convection is over south central Arizona this morning. Tucson has been issued flash flood warnings. This deep subtropical moisture will remain in place for at least today and tomorrow. Then it looks like we will start to see a drying trend next week.
Back down here in Baja, These cells build so fast it’s difficult to predict the when and where’s . But looking at this GOES satellite image overlaid on a Google image of the Sea of Cortez. It looks like the clouds over the sea a breaking up rather than building. A lot less now than two hours ago. So I’m thinking, that at least this morning and early afternoon we should be seeing more sun than clouds. This afternoon, well, it is August, and we will probably see some thunderbumpers build along the coast and in the sierras.
Temperatures should be in the mid 90s today in the Central and southern sea and hitting triple digits in the northern sea.
A final note: Two days ago I reported that the umbrella in the bay in front of my palapa survived a 30 knot hit. Well it did not survive a 36 knot hit yesterday morning. The sea has claimed it. I’m now off the Corona to try to beg another one.

Don't chisel these wind forecasts in stone. This is an amateur Endeavour. They, however, are normally pretty close.

oc-Over Cast r-Rain ts-Tropical Storm

San Filepe : Morning Winds: ESE 7 to 10 knots
Afternoon Winds SE 14-18
Sunrise Temp.: N/A
Daily High Temperature: 92°

Gonzoga Bay : Morning Winds: SW 10 to 14 knots
Afternoon Winds S 9-11
Sunrise Temp.: 87°
Daily High Temperature: 99°

Bay of LA. : Morning Winds: S 6 to 8 knots
Afternoon Winds SE 18-24
Sunrise Temp.: 2°
Daily High Temperature: 100°

San Franciscito Bay : Morning Winds: ESE 6 to 9 knots
Afternoon Winds ESE 12-16

Santa Rosalia : Morning Winds: NE 2 to 3 knots
Afternoon Winds SSE 5-6
Sunrise Temp.: 79°
Daily High Temperature: 91°

Mulegé : Morning Winds: ENE 4 to 5 knots
Afternoon Winds ESE 8-10
Sunrise Temp.: 78°
Daily High Temperature: 94°

San Carlos : Morning Winds: ENE 2 to 3 knots
Afternoon Winds SSE 4-5
Sunrise Temp.: 84°
Daily High Temperature: 89°

Pt Concepcion : Morning Winds: NW 1 to 1 knots
Afernoon Winds WSW 6 - 7

Punta Chivato : Morning Winds: ENE 4 to 5 knots
Afternoon Winds ESE 8-10

El Burro Cove in: Morning Winds: NW 1 to 1 knots
Concepcion Bay : Afernoon Winds WSW 6 - 7
Sunrise Temp.: 83
Daily High Temperature: 95

Loreto : Morning Winds: WSW 3 to 4 knots
Afternoon Winds NW 8-10
Sunrise Temp.: 83°
Daily High Temperature: 91°

San Lorenzo Channel : Morning Winds: ENE 1 to 1 knots
Afternoon Winds NE 6-7

Marina de La Paz : Morning Winds: NE 1 to 2 knots
Afternoon Winds ENE 7-9
Sunrise Temp.: 77°
Daily High Temperature: 95°

La Ventana Baja Joe's : Morning Winds: N 2 to 2 knots
Aftrnoon winds : NE 6-8
Daily High Temperature: 98°
Sunrise Temp.: 73°
Daily High Temperature: 98°

Los Barriles : Morning Winds: NNW 1 to 2 knots
Afternoon winds : NE 6-8
Sunrise Temp.: 79°
Daily High Temperature: 91°

Cabo Pulmo : Morning Winds: NNW 1 to 2 knots
Afternoon winds : NE 6-8

Cabo San Lucas : Morning Winds: WNW 0 to 1 knots
Afternoon Winds WNW 9-11
Sunrise Temp.: 77°
Daily High Temperature: 91°

Mazatlan : Morning Winds: E 1 to 1 knots
pm SW 6-7
Sunrise Temp.: 82oc°
Daily High Temperature: 91°

Puerto Villarta : Morning Winds: ENE 6 to 8 knots
Afternoon Winds N 9-11
Sunrise Temp.: 75oc°
Daily High Temperature: 95°

Manzanillo : Morning Winds: N 6 to 8 knots
Afternoon Winds WSW 9-11
Sunrise Temp.: 77oc°
Daily High Temperature: 95°

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo : Morning Winds: N 6 to 8 knots
Afternoon Winds WSW 9-11
Sunrise Temp.: 79oc°
Daily High Temperature: 89°

Cabo Corrienties : Morning Winds: NNE 6 to 8 knots
Afternoon winds : NW 8-10

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