Thunder Snow #33

By: GardenGrrl , 1:39 AM GMT on January 06, 2013

What a week. They were calling for snow and ice but it just rained a bit.

The Texans won.

Got my hair colored (highlights) and saw a hawk sitting on a post just off the road on my way home. It was gorgeous outside so enlisted the spouse as driver and I would jump out of the car and shoot hawks as we found them. Great sport. Want to do that again. Saw a kestral that would fly off when it saw me. A meadowlark? disappearing into the brush. Fun.

This is my temp blog until I come up with a more formal blog. So, what were some of your favorite photography moments/adventures?

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40. plapman
11:56 AM GMT on January 23, 2013
Good morning GardenGrrl.
Has our Fresh Canadian air reached you yet.
Enjoy th day.
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39. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:35 PM GMT on January 19, 2013
GardenGrrl has created a new entry.
38. Proserpina
11:49 PM GMT on January 18, 2013
Hi, sorry that your guys didn't make it this time around. They did put up a good fight. I have a dilemma, since I am from MA the Patriots are one of my teams (besides my grandson loves them). I also like the Ravens as they are our neighbors, MD neighbors. So which team do I support? I tend to favor the MD neighbors, just because they are neighbors!

We have had thunder-snow here and I did not like the snow nor the thunder! I am not adventurous when it comes to weather!

I hope that all is well with you.
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37. GardenGrrl
5:44 PM GMT on January 18, 2013
Okay, so yesterday I wrote a glowing description of my two experiences with thundersnow, got half way through answering Sandi and my internet connect went *poof* Darn Time-Warner.

Short Version; Thunder Snow is really fun! Really pretty!

Hi Ylee, the weather has just warmed up in time for time off. Going outside to play after breakfast settles.

Hi Briar, Roxie is up for anything if it means going outside with us. Heck, she'd probably be just as happy outside without us. She is definitely her own dog.

Hi Sandi, really wanted to get the camera out and play but had to go to work. Takes a long time to get a got lightning shot. For my birthday I may ask for this gizmo that predicts lightning and snaps your camera at the right moment. It is supposed to have a 60-70% rate of catching really good shots.
Just saw in your blog you all have gone to a red warning. Not good. stay safe.

Here's some good news; after my third pet-scan in nine months, the doctor is satisfied my blood tests are false and everything is okay...until he decides to worry me again.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
36. sandiquiz
1:36 PM GMT on January 17, 2013
I have never seen thunder snow. Did you not have a camera with you?
Your gizmo says you are 36 and clear, so hopefully no more snow today.

We have an Amber warning out for blizzards blowing in from Siberia, with depths up to 25cm in places, (10 inches), and widespread drifting.

C has texted to say he is working from home tomorrow as the boss has closed the office...just in case!

It hasn't lifted above freezing for four days now, and the whole area is white with frost, before the snow even arrives!
Brrr - roll on Spring!
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35. BriarCraft
5:00 AM GMT on January 17, 2013
Wow! Thundersnow!

I've never seen anything like that. You may not have a lot of weather, but when you do, you don't mess around. Do it up right and put on a heck of a show while you're at it. I'll bet Roxie was glad to be safely inside before the thundersnow show arrived.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4699
34. Ylee
4:00 AM GMT on January 17, 2013
I'll bet the thundersnow(I've never seen it, myself) was a sight to behold! The snow not turning to ice is a bonus, too!

Enjoy your time off!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 120 Comments: 20758
33. GardenGrrl
5:29 PM GMT on January 16, 2013

It was worth getting up and driving to work yesterday morning. The snow was supposed to be south east of us but surprise, it came here. No snow or anything when I walked Roxie. Then when I went to my car it was coming down hard with *hooray* flashes of lightening.
The roads were good so it was just crank up the tunes and enjoy a snow and light show all the way to work.

Hi SP, will have to check out the rest of the new Bowie. The cockatoo vid is probably a wild bird if it was shot in Australia or Salomon Islands. I've heard if you start feeding the wild ones they can get real demanding when they want food. One lady wrote about how she would feed them around the same time everyday. One morning she was busy so one of the flock came through the pet door and walked around her house until it found her.

Hi Sandi, yeah the snuffles are gone but am feeling an impending nap attack. I'm quite happy that our snow melted instead of becoming ice. Guess we could call it "Show Snow".

Hi 27, yeah our guys did well :) Okay and feel free to roll your eyes, but I have to go with the Ravens because they have prettier uniforms.

Hi Briar, we are definitely getting the needed cold snap here. Along with the rain it just may be a good spring and I'll be interested in outdoor gardening again. Tell you what, chicken curry soup with extra garlic lime and turmeric is a wonderful thing.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
32. BriarCraft
1:27 AM GMT on January 16, 2013
Your area is going down to 25F tonight and so is mine. Course, you are getting warmer days. Clouds came in here Sunday night, which warmed things up enough to get half an inch of snow on Monday. It didn't exactly get warm, though, as it took most of today for that itty bit of snow to melt. By Thursday, we should get up to a daytime high of 40F as the jet stream moves the arctic blast farther east.

So did that Chicken Curry Soup cure what ails you? Seems like it should have taken care of your sinuses, at least.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4699
31. ihave27windows
1:08 AM GMT on January 16, 2013
Hi GardenGrrl!

We were pretty down on Sunday, but we have high hopes for next season.

I am hoping to see San Francisco in the Superbowl. Sorry, can't root for the Ravens...they are one of our best rivals. =)
Member Since: July 19, 2005 Posts: 108 Comments: 14952
30. sandiquiz
10:39 PM GMT on January 15, 2013
It is your Friday already? It must be a short week....goody!
Our snow wasn't deep enough to do any playing in, about 3 cms, which turned to ice almost immediately!

Glad the snuffles are not holding you back, enjoy you long weekend:-)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
29. sp34n119w
10:35 PM GMT on January 15, 2013
The Texans have certainly been exciting to watch. True that they'll only get better next year.

I left you the wrong Bowie link and have put the correct vid in my blog, if you're interested. I'd gotten distracted watching Bowie videos, I guess, and confused myself, lol

I can't remember if I brought this little video here (I meant to do) of a presumably wild cockatoo dropping in for a snack. Don't show Syd ;)

Hope you warm up soon (or, alternatively, get some fun-time snow to play with) :)
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 83 Comments: 4408
28. GardenGrrl
10:56 AM GMT on January 15, 2013
Good Morning we are on our 4th day of chilly brrrr after some good rain. The head cold is feeling much better but then again ask me how I feel this afternoon :p Good thing it's Friday.

Hi Prose, now that my team is out we are cheering for the Ravens too. Heck, gotta have someone to cheer for until the season is over.

Hi Shore, wasn't on the computer yesterday but now that I see your post and link it makes sense. Looks easy enough. Thanks :)

Hi Sandi, SNOW! it's always a treat to see (on a day off). Bet your yard looks really pretty and the birds will be all cute and fluffy.

Hi Ylee, I have been real pleased with how the Texans are shaping up. The whole Jerry Jones circus in Dallas has kind of ruined the Cowboys for a lot of us. Am glad to have a Texas team to cheer for.

Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
27. Ylee
12:01 AM GMT on January 15, 2013
Sorry to see the Texans lose, but they are a young team, and should be better next year!

Hope you are doing well!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 120 Comments: 20758
26. sandiquiz
7:27 AM GMT on January 14, 2013
I awoke before the alarm today and thought I had overslept, the outside seemed daylight!
No, it was the snow!! It always fascinated me as a child that when it snowed it was brighter in the morning!
I have been out of bed to get another coffee, C brought the first cup, but decided to stay in bed for a while, playing on the IPad!
Hope the first night in the bat cave wasn't to bad with a stuffy head:-(
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
25. shoreacres
6:48 PM GMT on January 13, 2013
GG ~ Just a little note, since I'm going to be changing my blog post. Clicking or not clicking doesn't make a lick of difference when it comes to this Java problem. You really do need to disable it. It's something you really don't want to mess with, especially since disabling it is so easy.

See here, for example.
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
24. Proserpina
11:19 AM GMT on January 13, 2013
Good morning GG. I have been ranting about the coach and the doc who allowed RG III play injured and for putting him in a situation where he could have a brilliant career ending injury. Stupid, stupid, stupid! And idiotically selfish.

The Ravens and Denver game was exciting, it could have gone either way. So happy that the underdogs won the game! Nice that the Ravens are our 'neighbors' (MD/VA), and besides I like to see underdogs earn a win.

Wishing you a good Sunday.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 191 Comments: 19428
23. GardenGrrl
11:09 AM GMT on January 13, 2013
Good Morning, it is chilly brrrr cold outside. 35f with a rather stiff wind. The good thing is that it's above freezing so no ice on roads from yesterdays rain.

Hi SP, Okay this time around he is channeling Frank Sinatra if Frankie was doing a David Bowie immitation. Good song though.

Hi Briar, we are coming back around to match your temps. And yes the sunny and blue skies was a treat.
Without wind even the 20s aren't too bad when it is sunny.

Hi Shore, wasn't that a great system? We really needed the rain. I think the house that blew up was actually in nearby Grapevine. It was a very old house so the gas fixtures were probably a bit not to code. Count on our media to get the details wrong. Makes me wonder all the time exactly how much of the news we get is actually right.

Hi Ylee, yeah it could be kind of ugly today for the Texans, but we can still cheer for the upstarts.

Hi Prose, I've always kind of liked the Ravens because of the movie Blindside about how one of their defensive linemen grew up. Thanks for cheering for the Texans. And big Boo's to the Redskin coach for having RGIII play with a torn knee. What is wrong with that guy? We claim RG (Baylor) just as much as you all and we are mad over here.

Hi Sandi, I think I will get some of that to keep around. It has turned in to a sneezy, coughy, tissue using cold. Bleeh. As long as it's not the flu that is going around I'm happy.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
22. sandiquiz
9:56 AM GMT on January 13, 2013
Hope you feel better today... although a sore throat could be a precursor to something else:(

Have you seen Vicks 'First Defence' over there? I swear by it. At the first sign of a sore throat I use it (it is a nasal spray) and then again every 8 hours for 24 and thankfully, most times it knocks it on the head. I have got into the habit of using it once a week as a preventative!

Take care:)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
21. Proserpina
12:59 AM GMT on January 13, 2013
When are the Texans playing? For your sake I say 'go Texans!'. The Ravens and Denver are playing right now, they are both holding their own. Yesterday we drove by the Ravens stadium and there were all kinds of 'supportive' displays. Even the nurses at the hospital wore purple gloves! They normally wear purple gloves anyways but we all made believe that yesterday they wore them to support the Ravens whose home is down the street from the hospital. I am watching bits and pieces of the game, I just cannot sit still today for four hours! I do know what is going on however from hubby's comments!

How was the soup?
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 191 Comments: 19428
20. GardenGrrl
7:39 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
Good Morning All, we are experiencing great sleeping weather as I rose up around 11am. Although I think the sore throat and stuffy nose that came on during the night may have something to do with it too. The cold front has come in with some slow rain.

Hi Prose, thanks. Saw your cat painting and thought it was a photoshop of kitties put on a colorful background. Pretty impressive when your painting looks like a photograph someone got artsy with.

Hi Sandi, the shop was really quite fun to visit. All kinds of goods labelled in different languages some with cyrillic font. The deli meat section looked great. Had a large section for candies and chocolate. Had another downtown stop so didn't buy any foodstuffs that I would have to leave in the car. Maybe next time.

Hi Karen, good photo or not it's always exciting to see a bird you have never seen before. Especially if it's a Big Bird.

Okay, spouse has returned with sustenance. Some take out Vietnamese Pho of the Chicken Curry Soup type. Will add some more turmeric, garlic, lime juice and it will either cure me or kill me ;)
Back later
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
19. Ylee
4:26 PM GMT on January 12, 2013
Honestly, I don't think the Texans stand a chance this weekend(unless J.J. Watts knocks Brady out of the game in the first half), but I wish them well, anyway!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 120 Comments: 20758
18. shoreacres
12:44 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
That house that blew up in Lewisville made the Houston news this afternoon. I was a little nervous until I got home and got the details. I confess the first thing I thought was meth lab, but it looks like it was the gas line.

We got 3.12" with that last system, but it looks like the real cold front is coming this weekend - plus some more rain. It turned foggy here about 5 o'clock - nearly zero visibility for a bit, but the wind is up a little now and it seems to have cleared out some.

Love the hawk photos. They're just everywhere around here right now - also the ospreys.

Looks like tomorrow will be a work day for me, if the rain holds off. I think Monday's high is supposed to be 47 or so - oh, joy! That's ok - there's still Sunday between now and then to watch the Texans... uh... play football. ;)

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
17. BriarCraft
12:27 AM GMT on January 12, 2013
Nice, comfortable 66F in your neighborhood right now. Sure beats the 36F it is here. Didn't we have the same temp just a few days ago??? Supposed to get down around 20F the next couple of nights. At least it was blue sky and sunshine today, even if a bit nippy.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4699
16. sp34n119w
11:17 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
My turn to drop by to say "Hi". Hi! :)
I need a couple more weeks before I can sincerely congratulate anyone on their team's success. Hope you understand, LOL
In his new single, Bowie has returned to a recurring theme - old man in useless denial ;) Well, that's a good surface read, anyway.
Your weather sticker says 70 degrees - hope you played some today!
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 83 Comments: 4408
15. SBKaren
10:53 PM GMT on January 11, 2013
Those are some great shots! We had some big bird sitting out on a tree out on the street. I tried to capture it through the window but it didn't turn out very well. I had to zoom in so much it just got blurry. I still don't know what was up there, but it was BIG!

We're cold but not rainy at the moment.
Member Since: February 21, 2005 Posts: 200 Comments: 15001
14. sandiquiz
3:11 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
Thinking of you today.... when you try your European food! lol

I hope you have a fun weekend planned :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
13. Proserpina
2:35 PM GMT on January 10, 2013
Congratulations on the Texans win.

I am sure that your quarterly scan will be just fine. Enjoy your cabbage rolls or whatever you decide to much on.

That's one beautiful hawk!
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 191 Comments: 19428
12. GardenGrrl
11:00 AM GMT on January 09, 2013
Good Morning, it is still raining since yesterday and should rain all day today. Will bring an extra pair of dry socks to work. Am trying to work a deal with the weather to do this rain thing once a week instead of a months worth all at once ;)

Hey NEwxguy, thanks. (Sorta) The Pats are a tough team I am actually kind of worried about this one now that you mention it. Could you mention to Tom Brady and perhaps your defensive line that a lot of us are fed up with Jerry Jones so as Texans we would really like to see this little start up team Texans do well this year.

Hi Briar, I actually didn't realize there were any dark spots left in the metroplex. Coming back from Minnesota a few years ago I could actually see the floodlights from the new warehouse complex they built across the field from us...from the plane.

Hi Ylee, Shhhhhh that's my new Tesla flash project to get a pic of the space station.

Hi Sandi, what strange weather we are having everywhere. Hope you get some clear blue sky with that heatwave. Would be a wonderful time to get out.

Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
11. sandiquiz
6:42 AM GMT on January 09, 2013
Good morning,
It is January 8th and the heating didn't come on at 5am. Power failure? No. It was so warm outside that the indoor temperature kept above the setting on the thermostat! It is 50F out there! Ridiculous! But I am not complaining, as we will soon be halfway through January and one week nearer spring!!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
10. Ylee
11:29 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
Yeah, I can see GG's camera flash experiments from here! :)
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 120 Comments: 20758
9. BriarCraft
11:25 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
I like Ylee's version of how you shot that hawk. Truth isn't always stranger than fiction!

Thought you might enjoy seeing a recent image of the Dallas area at night.

For a full-size image and more info, here's the link:
http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id =80020
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4699
8. NEwxguy
4:51 PM GMT on January 07, 2013
Congrats on your Texans winning.We'll be waiting for you up here in New England. I expect a better game than the last time they visited us. And in honor of the texans coming up here,we're going to have 60 degree weather for you.How's that for hospitality?
See you next Sunday.
Member Since: September 6, 2007 Posts: 896 Comments: 16202
7. GardenGrrl
10:58 AM GMT on January 07, 2013
Good Morning, it's a chilly 30f but clear starlit sky. Of course no time to haul the camera and tripod out to try some artsy night shots...someday I will be both awake, dressed and lucid on a clear starry morning with time to play night photographer.

Ylee, you had me snort laughing. And so fellow photographers another reason to put a protective UV lense over your real lense. Talons.

Calpoppy, the most amazing shots just decide to show up sometimes. Glad she woke up. I think how she sits all regal like a queen makes the shot. That and her choosing the most picturesque backdrop to hold court in.

Hi Sandi, Oh yeah planning photo shoots is a fun way to pass the time. If it's nice out there are a few places I'd like to go. If not there are some neat indoor "studio" practice things I'd like to do. Have been playing with indoor lighting and bokeh.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
6. sandiquiz
8:31 AM GMT on January 07, 2013
Morning, I hope the first day of the long week went well.... Plan another trip out with the camera for next weekend. - it will make the week seem to go by quicker!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
5. calpoppy
11:36 PM GMT on January 06, 2013
My favorite photo I just took last week! The young coyote pup with the badly broken leg that has healed well by the way. She was actually sleeping in front of a juniper just about 35' from the front of the cabin. Here she is.

I woke her up by making a bit of noise :(

I had to shoot through the window, so not as sharp as I would like. She couldn't have been in a better place for a photo!

I like the hawk in the tree photo. Wildlife is my fav photos to shoot. I get a lot of static wildlife shots, and what I really want is some shots where they are interacting with each other. I was able one day to watch 5 coyotes with their heads back, howling away! But no camera :(.

Here is another, cropped.

Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 75 Comments: 5015
4. Ylee
9:49 PM GMT on January 06, 2013
When I first read your post, I though "GG's dyed her hair to make some hawk think her head is a yummy rodent, enticing the hawk to swoop down, talons extended, trying to catch it's "prey" with GG taking a cool action shot of the hawk coming directly at her"! :)

Hope you're having a good day at the batcave!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 120 Comments: 20758
3. GardenGrrl
11:13 AM GMT on January 06, 2013
Hi Mary, In our great state of Texas there is always some bull on parade somewhere. This time I'm proud of it. Yeah I do like to hunt the little birdies and take their pictures. Because it only involves a camera we both get to go home happy.

Hi Sandi, Cool heron shot. Very nice of him to model for you they usually look over their shoulder just as you are focusing, laugh and fly off.
Was quite happy to catch the flying shot. They fly around here often but they seem to know I'm trying to "shoot' them because when the camera is out they fly out of range. That was my first good shot ever. Must be the new camera with faster focus lock.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 295 Comments: 11799
2. sandiquiz
10:18 AM GMT on January 06, 2013
I saw these over in F, and commented, but worth doing again.

Wonderful shots, especially like the one in flight...so difficult to get sharp when there is movement.
I checked the lens length, and you shot it at 280 mm, at full lens extent, so a great capture all round!

My favourite photographic moment was when I captured a heron right in front of my lens!
Myself and two others were on a mission to capture a heron close up rather than in the distance. With this shot I won the challenge! lol

Watching the world go by .....
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 331 Comments: 30205
1. ihave27windows
2:06 AM GMT on January 06, 2013
Texans! Bulls on Parade!

I'm glad you were shooting with a camera =)
Great shots!

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