Dallas World Aquarium

By: GardenGrrl , 12:41 PM GMT on September 01, 2011

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Hi, My name is Laid Back Lenny, I'll be your finny fish guide through the Dallas World Aquarium.

This is Rock Fish. His interests include playing statue, impersonating coral and eating whatever swims by.

Nestled in a dark corner and lit with UV light is the jelly bowl. It is full of undulating jelly fish. Be sure to tip the dancers.

Dragons, yep we have those too.

Swim along through the tunnels of illusion where it's hard to tell who really is on display.

Enter the diver.

Oh my! Look close, the diver has brought a friend. Can you spot the man on the moon?

Next there be sharks and stingrays in the tunnels of illusion...enter if you dare...and hang on to your children.

Photoshop has nothing on tunnel reflections.

And for my final trick, I will transform into a bird with lips almost as kissable as my fish lips.
Smmmmmack ;-D


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57. zoyajack
11:43 AM GMT on July 16, 2012
Amazing pics! Thanks for sharing such lovely pics of the fishes i just love them.
Aquarium Services
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56. aSigiam
5:35 PM GMT on September 19, 2011
Hey GG. How did you do with last night's storm rolling through? We had some heavy rain (1.5") with strong winds and pea-size hail.
Member Since: May 28, 2005 Posts: 48 Comments: 404
55. BriarCraft
7:06 PM GMT on September 18, 2011
So glad you got rain, especially of the light and steady type. I was afraid that when you did finally get some, it would be in the form of a gully-washer that runs off and makes flash floods and never really gets a chance to do any good. Light and steady gets to soak in. I can just "hear" your trees and critters heaving a sigh of relief.

You're smart to keep your birthday private. You never know if someone sinister might be cruising through. Same sort of thing as when people announce on Facebook that they're going on vacation and then wonder why they got robbed while they were gone. Sometimes it's hard to remember to keep a filter on what we make public in our blogs.

So does Syd try to steal the fruit-filled or nut-filled chocolates?
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54. sandiquiz
11:11 AM GMT on September 18, 2011
Oh, I see Pros has been here with the "un-birthday" wish!

We had such a "discombobulated" day yesterday, with so much fun and confusion about birthdays! You are wise to keep yours private.... otherwise you might find you get wished Happy Birthday every day, by one WUBA or another!! lol

Hope work went well this week - and you can rest up for a few days now:)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
53. Proserpina
4:19 PM GMT on September 17, 2011

You must be wondering what the above is about, please visit my blog. I wanted to share the fun with you. Laughter is good.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 173 Comments: 18212
52. unclemush
3:52 PM GMT on September 17, 2011
Good Morning.Glad you got rain.Did I miss your birthday?If so Happy Birthday!Love the pictures! :)
Member Since: July 7, 2001 Posts: 59 Comments: 13166
51. seflagamma
3:44 PM GMT on September 17, 2011
Good morning GG,
And happy Belated BD from me also.

I am just now reading back and I realize how long it has been since I did a Saturday Blog Hop!

I love your header photos and the tour!

So happy some places in Texas are finally getting rain..

Enjoy your weekend!
Member Since: August 29, 2005 Posts: 299 Comments: 40916
50. GardenGrrl
12:07 PM GMT on September 17, 2011
We got rain!!!!!

Drove home from work in what was REAL rain hoping all the way it was at my house too.
The rain gauge showed about .75 inches this morning.
So wonderful because it was a light steady rain for a few hours. All the trees and other plants must be very happy this morning. I know I am :-D

So thanks to you all for stopping by,Calpoppy, Shore, Proserpina, Ylee and Sandi.

Have to finish getting ready and hurry get out the door.

Peace from the well watered blog porch.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
49. sandiquiz
7:41 AM GMT on September 17, 2011
Your gizmo says "scattered clouds" .... I hope one or two of those scattered clouds brought you a drop of rain.

Yes, a sailors warning sort of sky - but nothing happened:(
The dawn was grey today - no red at all... so what is the betting it rains!

Talking of raking leaves - I bought a new rake in the summer when it was on sale - 75% off If I remember correctly. But it is great - works a treat, so won't mind getting out there when the Autumn Leaves fall!

Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
48. Ylee
2:18 AM GMT on September 17, 2011
Oh, goody! You're getting some rain! I hope it's more than a tease! Enjoy!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
47. shoreacres
10:23 PM GMT on September 16, 2011
Holy Bananas! Lookie at that radar! Hope it holds together until it gets to you - the rain, not the radar. ;)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
46. Proserpina
10:15 PM GMT on September 16, 2011
Hi GG. How were the chocolates?

It is a bit cold here today, a sweater day. Tonight it will be 48 or less, so they say. This morning was 59 at about 8 Am.

Just filled the birdfeeders and now I can relax. It sure is fun watching them.

Take care.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 173 Comments: 18212
45. calpoppy
8:33 PM GMT on September 16, 2011
Hi GG! The bag I got is a Tenba messenger bag. It holds my bulky dslr plus 3 lenses, my 15" laptop, my kindle, cell phone and manuals or magazines. You can also get to your laptop without opening the bag. It will be taking it's first test run next month when I go to Kodiak. Since I am not taking a purse I got a travelers wallet which hangs on your neck. Mr. Poppy can't come with me so I need to slim down what I take.
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 53 Comments: 3789
44. GardenGrrl
12:11 PM GMT on September 16, 2011
Good Morning All,
Thanks for stopping by to visit. It's the early mrning before work work peek at WU weather. *sigh* the rain is way to the north but they need it too.

Hi Shore, it is 68f this morning. I might need a jacket soon. Glad you are finally getting weather that is nice to work in.

Hi Ylee, back atcha, hope you have a great work week too!

Hi Calpoppy, my interest is piqued, you wouldn't happen to have a brand name on the great camera/laptop bag so I can look it up on Amazon? It is sooo hard to find something functional, ergonomic and holds everything.

Hi Sandi, is it one of those "Red skye at morn, sailors take warn" kind of sunrises? Leaf raking!?
That had to have been some wind coming through. Have you checked your shingles?

Okay, 10 minutes is up, have to cowgirl up and head to work. Have a great day all!
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
43. sandiquiz
6:42 AM GMT on September 16, 2011
LOL - I had a good laugh at your analogy of friends/fish! My sentiments exactly - I love visiting, or being visited, but really relish my own company, too!

Two days down, two to go ....hope they are being "kind" to you at work :)

It has been a wonderful sunrise here.... but it is a sign of poor weather to come :(

I did manage to get out in the garden to get the leaves raked off the lawn, and then the grass cut. So many leaves blew off the trees during the storms earlier in the week, but they were all still green - they haven't begun to change yet.

Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
42. calpoppy
10:19 PM GMT on September 15, 2011
Happy belated birthday to you! I have been toying with getting a teleconverter but there were other photo things I needed. I have a friend who us willing to lend me one, I may take him up on that. I did get myself a nifty thing, a lap top and camera bag all in one. Holds all my equipment and best of all when I put it on my sholder I don't topple over! Great for airplane travel. Here is hoping for rain.

It doesn't take much rain to fill up a rain barrel, we funnel the rain off the roof into it. Which is super, I do believe my houseplants really like it!!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 53 Comments: 3789
41. Ylee
8:20 PM GMT on September 15, 2011
GG, I hope you have a better week at work!
Take care!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
40. shoreacres
12:21 PM GMT on September 15, 2011
Morning, GG ~ I was watching that rain last evening. Looks like they got more around Corsicana and it began fizzling as it moved your direction. Still, pump-priming is a necessity sometimes!

Happy b'day, belatedly. It sounds like it was a great one, as it should have been, for all kinds of reasons. Anything that involves photography equipment and chocolate is necessarily wonderful!

It's 75 with a heat index of 76! See me heading off to work with a smile on my face?!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
39. GardenGrrl
12:10 PM GMT on September 15, 2011
Good Morning All,
One would think there has never been rain around here the way everyone at work was talking about the sprinkle...Wait a minute, there hasn't been rain in awhile.

Hi Prose, I don't mention my birthday too often online because I'm one of those people that worries about identity theft and all that. This one, however, I really got some great and high $$$ gifts. There will be pictures of chocolate, glorious chocolate soon. The telephoto lense is amazing too! I'm getting good bird shots from farther away.

Hi Sandi, Do have to agree that for the most part it's more relaxing to stay at a hotel than someones home. We love our friends dearly but company, like fish, needs to leave the house in a short time before it starts to stink.
The giant box of chocolates is heavenly.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
38. sandiquiz
4:47 PM GMT on September 14, 2011
Hi Ho ... work for four days - take it easy:)

A gigantic portion of Lindt - perfection! Bliss!!

Thanks for welcoming me back. Being in someone else's home, all alone, is not like being in a hotel, where you can go into the bar for a drink and "watch" the clientèle, or even get into a chat with some "handsome chappy" !! lol

Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
37. Proserpina
12:51 PM GMT on September 14, 2011
You sure woke up to a teaser of rain weather. Not nice to tease.

Enjoy your work week, and as others say, pace yourself and rest a lot. It is ok to give yourself permission to rest and heal properly. It is the smart thing to do and it serves as a preventive to possible complications.

Remember to take photos of the garden wall, please. And happy birthday, sorry I did not know it was your birthday.

Take care.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 173 Comments: 18212
36. GardenGrrl
12:09 PM GMT on September 14, 2011
Rain Update:
Woke up this morning to thunder! Then heard the tink tink tink of rain on the roof vents. Then nothing.
Hope the cell reforms and gives us atleast a 1/4".
Come on rain, (in helpful amounts)!
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
35. GardenGrrl
10:16 PM GMT on September 13, 2011
Hi All, it is back to work tomorrow for the four day stretch.

Hi Shore, yes, I've been taking care of myself and doing lot's of naps between projects this "weekend".
It's "killin" me to slow down but I need to. Waah!
Have a whole bunch of booty from my birthday (some time in September, but I don't post the date online.)
New teleconverter for the camera! Been playing with that. And, a Gigantor gift box of Lindt Chocolate!
So, lot's of fun stuff too. Nearly finished constructing the Great Wall of Plants. One shelf lit.
Re Gardenia's, they are a popular bonsai generally grown outdoors. With these lights I'm going to see if I can grow one indoors.

Hi Calpoppy, Now that's a big rain if if filled your barrel in one shot. A TV? well, doesn't hurt to have an auxillary info source. Bonus is you can watch DVD's or join Netflix. On Netflix they have all the really cool nature shows.
We still have coyotes inspite of all the build up around here. Saw one the other morning just behind the house. I keep water out so I wonder if he's coming to get a drink or catch other critters getting drinks.
Well make sure you get an internet capable TV so you can enjoy all kinds of media.

Hi ho Hi ho it's back to work I go.
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34. calpoppy
7:38 PM GMT on September 12, 2011
We had rain on Saturday and hail. Filled my rain barrel! And cooled us off by quite a bit.

My two old dogs are still feeling frisky when it comes to coyote chasing. Though the dogs are slower then molasses in January, they do have fun!

We have been toying with the idea of getting television! I guess the anniversary of 9/11 got us thinking that it would be nice to have a news source other then radio or the computer. But it would only be 2 channels maybe 4 at the most. Good old TV antenna!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 53 Comments: 3789
33. shoreacres
3:40 AM GMT on September 12, 2011
GG ~ Oh gosh. 25 seconds to go with one time out? No wonder you're biting nails! The Texans took advantage of Peyton Manning's absence and cleaned up. We'll see what happens next week.

Hoorah that you have a squirrel! That's really fun. But what I'm most curious about is the business about gardenias being an inside plant. I thought they had to be outdoors, in the ground. Not so? I love gardenias, and if there's a way to grow them in pots I'd be all for it.

Glad your shifts went well. You sound pretty chipper - I hope your energy level is returning. (insert small nag here about taking care of yourself. OK. /nag)

Dang. That game is still going on. They sure can stretch these things out. Four seconds? Oh, my. Oops. Jets win. Good grief. Well, better luck next week!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
32. GardenGrrl
3:30 AM GMT on September 12, 2011
Hi All,
Back from work and made it through all my shifts. Today was a bittersweet day of remembering 9-11 and watching football.
Noooooooooo! Just looked over and noticed the spouse (after football beer) playing with all the settings on my camera. Oh well. Will have 300 pictures of the corgi now. No such thing as too many Roxie pictures (lol.) I've just been informed that there are lot's of pictures of Romo and Witten too. (Watching the Cowboys right now)

Hi Sp, Lenny is a trip isn't he? The Great Wall of Plants will be mostly Bonsai although I really like cactus and succulents too. This is funny, had to order the grow lights from one of the pot grower websites because they were cheaper and of better quality than the ones on the "respectable garden supply sites". Between my use of sudaphed for allergies (which they record your purchase at the pharmacy), buying grow lights from one of THOSE sites and living in a trailer, I'm sure I will be blogging soon about a visit from the police and a write up in the local paper; "Older lady gardener gets mistakenly raided by police, serves them cookies."

Hi Briarcraft, I'll let you know if the new T5 fluorescent lights are better than the F8's or older soon out of production T12's. They are much thinner and are supposed to have more lumen output per watt than the other bulbs. I had been growing cactus under an old two lamp T12 fixture. They did well but other broad leaf plants languished and my seedling tended to be leggy. Hopefully you will have the right light. Basil tends to be very forgiving and mid winter there is nothing like fresh basil.

Hi Plapman, So happy you had a great vacation. You don't sound like a bad influence, you sound like a fun Dad :-)

Hi Prose, Today I really enjoyed the tributes that were going on for 9-11. The reading of names at Ground Zero made me choke up a few times though.

Hi Ylee, was over at your blog saying the game was so-so. Now it's getting exciting. Just have to split my attention and now it's tied with a minute left! Nail Biter!!! Bye now.
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31. Ylee
2:13 AM GMT on September 12, 2011
GG, I hope you are having a great weekend! I have one more night after tonight, and I can't wait for a break, even if it is just 24 hours.
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
30. Proserpina
1:17 PM GMT on September 10, 2011
Never Forget Gold images
Patriot Day Graphics
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29. plapman
9:48 AM GMT on September 08, 2011
Good morning GardenGrrl.
I had a wonderful vacation. I think I'm a bad influence on my daughters. I have a photo of 1 of them riding a statue of a huge newfoundland dog, the cliff photo on FB aswell as the coppertone girl bent over in front of the statue.
The daughter in NFLD will have no problem with intruders. She has a Bull Mastiff that has 0 tolerance for violence. While the daughter was tring to get the grandson to do a high 5 karma interferred and protected the 18 month old youngster.
I certainly wouldn't want to face a 120 lb. dog who is protecting it's master.
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28. BriarCraft
11:36 PM GMT on September 07, 2011
I'm watching with interest about your Great Wall of Plants. I'm going to try a tiny experiment myself this winter. I have one smallish grow light and want to add another. My goal is to see if I can have fresh basil and maybe a few other herbs through the winter. I've started a basil in a pot on the deck and we'll see what happens. I hope you keep us posted about your Great Wall as that project progresses.

Squirrels are cute, but I hope yours doesn't invite all his friends over to eat and make babies. My parents have had bad luck with squirrels breaking their bird feeders.
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27. sp34n119w
9:48 PM GMT on September 07, 2011
I love aquariums, gg, and that one looks wonderful. Lenny is my favorite though he shocks me each time I pop in here :)
I've been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and enjoyed both. I really don't like zoos at all, though I appreciate their purpose and acknowledge their unfortunate necessity at this point. I also don't like the ocean so much. Those big aquariums, though, are irresistible – go figure.

The Great Wall of Plants sounds very exciting! Will it be all bonsai? The only thing I can manage in that regard is a jade tree – they almost automatically look “bonsai'd” and are hard to kill, LOL
Take it easy at work and don't go overdoing it!
Member Since: January 27, 2007 Posts: 82 Comments: 4307
26. GardenGrrl
9:30 PM GMT on September 07, 2011
Okee-dokey it's back to work again in the morning. Let's hope I'm in better shape.
Todays big news; SQUIRREL! There was a squirrel at my feeder. Have never seen one around here in the 12+ years. Big fluffy fat one. The drought hasn't affected this guy.

My plant lights have also arrived via UPS. I'm building "The Great Wall of Plants". Have a heavy duty shelf that is 6foot tall, 4ft wide and 2ft deep.
It will receive a few cosmetic touches so as not to look so industrial after assembly.

Will start on the project next week. Seeing as I'm making so many trips to Dallas...and the cool bonsai store is mere blocks away from the doctor, I'm going to do lot's of plant shopping.

Sunshine Miniture Trees stocks lots of finished bonsai. Even better from my perspective they stock a lot of unfinished starter plants. I will be collecting tropical flowering trees that do well indoors. Fukien Tea Trees, Chinese Sweet Plums-these actually bear edible fruit.
Link this links to pictures of Fukien Tea Trees.

Link this is a sweet plum.

There are many other tree types but these two and gardenia are my favorite indoor plants.

Hi Ylee, amazing how smart these critters are. A few years back in early spring two years in a row, a hummingbird would follow me around the yard making that twittering sound until I went in and brought the feeders out for the season.

Hi Sandi, Syd and Roxie have apparently gone international with their own books while I've been out from the house. Going to have to talk to their agent and get my part of the contract ;-)

Have a great week all!
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
25. sandiquiz
3:25 PM GMT on September 07, 2011
I thought of you whilst I was in the queue at Pet City this morning.
I was treating Blue to a lilac, (hopes he likes lilac,) littler tray, as his old blue one was getting decidedly tatty. As I waited patiently for my turn, I was glancing at the pet books on a stall, handy for the till like sweets in a supermarket! What caught my attention was a book on corgis, with a picture of Roxie on the front, and right beside it, a book cover which displayed a Syd look-alike parakeet!
I do wish I had had my point and shoot with me... but as I hadn't, you will have to believe me! lol
Take it easy this week - tell them I will come and "bang their heads together" if they make you tired by over working you!!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
24. Ylee
3:12 PM GMT on September 07, 2011
We get hummingbirds that do the same thing; they will hover at the window, looking in to see if there is anyone there to fill the feeder.

Apparantly one of them has ratted out the location of the feeder to their friends as we have about 20 or so hummers buzzing and twittering around.
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
23. GardenGrrl
2:47 AM GMT on September 07, 2011
Hey, it's day two of temps less than 100f.
Thankfully and I will knock on wood as a write this, there are no fires in our immediate area.
Right now infact, for the first time in months it is cooler outside than inside the house :-)

Hi Ylee, Hopefully I can adjust my hours a bit. 9 or 10 would be better than 12 plus commute. Really don't know what committee of knuckleheads decided chemo patients do better if "they have work to look forward to everyday". I really do like my job, but not when I feel like I've been rode hard, put away wet and taken out again for a 10k.

Hi Sandi, Now it's no longer chicken soup I've been craving, it's fancy pastries. For better or worse nothing has diminished my appetite. Is it possible to develope a craving for carrot sticks?

Hi Shore, "Bill Beakly" has a theme song now. Rock on!

Bird Feeder update; Was looking out the window and noticed the feeders empty. Apparently, they KNOW who feeds them because one flew up on the window sill and I think was demanding immediate filling of the feeder. LOL!
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
22. shoreacres
1:38 PM GMT on September 06, 2011
ROFL! William or Bill? Check this out.... (What? You didn't know I'm a Van Halen fan?)

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
21. Ylee
1:33 PM GMT on September 06, 2011
Hi, GG, just checking in. Hope the rest of your work week went well. I actually had a day(well, 24 hours) off! I slept 14 of them! Now, I feel like, well, another nap, lol!

Take care!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
20. sandiquiz
10:30 AM GMT on September 04, 2011
I am sorry it was hard work at work!

I agree with Ylee, can your company let you do "phased return" to work, which is what we do here after lengthy absences due to debilitating illnesses?

I laughed at your description of the chicken curry soup! I wouldn't be able to eat any of it - I am a "chicken" at eating spicy foods!! lol

Rest up the next few days, and take it easy at work next week.
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
19. Ylee
5:54 AM GMT on September 04, 2011
Hi, GG, i have my own version of Chicken Curry soup here; it's called work! At 1 AM, shop floor temps are still in the 90s, with high humidity! Sweat, drink some ice water, sweat some more, lol!

I have a feeling that 12 hours at work is something you will have to build up to. Take care!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
18. GardenGrrl
2:52 AM GMT on September 04, 2011
Hooray, home and rested. Don't know if I caught a bug or had a bad chemo experience due to the switched med caused by the "shortage". Work was grueling and painful. Not the people or the job itself, they were all very supportive and kind, I just was exhausted like I had muscle flu and in a world of physical pain.
Threw in the towel and left early today.

After I slept we went to get the "cure you or kill you" Chicken Curry Soup at the Vietnamese shop. This is something to only eat at home because it makes me sweat, drink lots of water and sweat some more. But dang if it isn't better than oxicontin to relieve deep muscle and bone pain. Hooray for endorphins and peppers!

So glad the Shoebill Stork is a favorite. I absolutely was enthralled with that bird. Don't you just want to hug him, pet him and call him George?

Hi Sandi, after visiting your blog I may have to take a trip to the "art bakery" and get a bunch of pretty treats to snack on tomorrow.

Hi Bug, it is kind of hard to cough up cash just to go look at fish. This place is actually fitted out like a rainforest with huge open atriums home to tropical birds in flight, monkeys, slothes, giant pools with otters, manatees and big ol southamerican fish. More of a zoo than aquarium.

Hi Rebel, Had a blast running over tourists through the shark tunnels trying to pan on the sharks to get my shots through all the distortion from the glass.

Hi Proserpina, ((((hugs))))

Hi Aquak, I like to of fell out laughing when I pulled that picture up on the computer screen. Didn't notice the guy when I was checking the photos via the camera playback.

Hi Ylee, work was good, my energy level wasn't cooperating though.

Hi LowerCal, Thanks. How could we not laugh with some of those shots. This new camera is so much fun.

Hi Shore, Yep, we are going to have to start a fan club for dignified waterfowl. Should we call him William or Bill?

Hi Sig, I was up at 4:30 waving my arms and trying to call that system our way. But, it may stay under a 100 tomorrow.

Hi Briarcraft, 10 years ago it was a fairly lame aquarium. Now it is something I would not hesitate to bring someone to that likes zoo's.

Hi Calpoppy, You can join our fan club for the worlds cutest stork too. Boy howdy, I am having such fun with that camera because it shoots well without flash and has a manual zoom which makes following and panning shots into focus a piece of cake. Some day I will actually study photography, but right now I'm happy to just play with it.

OKay, time to go walk Miss Roxie and call it a night.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
17. calpoppy
7:19 PM GMT on September 03, 2011
I love shoebill storks!!!! They remind me of a dodo bird. Love the sea creatures, no flash bounces off the glass, nice!

Take it easy at work :))
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 53 Comments: 3789
16. BriarCraft
5:07 PM GMT on September 03, 2011
Who'da thunk there'd be such a nice aquarium in a land-locked city? Judging from your photos, I'd say it looks every bit as complete as Scripps San Diego or Monterey, CA or Newport, OR aquariums. What a fun way to spend an afternoon!

14 hours!!! No easing your way back in, I guess, just take the plunge and hope for the best. {{{{GGrrl}}}}
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 82 Comments: 4093
15. aSigiam
3:31 AM GMT on September 03, 2011
Hi GG, we may soon get some relief from this heat this weekend. The tour was great!
Member Since: May 28, 2005 Posts: 48 Comments: 404
14. shoreacres
2:51 AM GMT on September 03, 2011
GG ~ That bird! Bogon had them on his blog a while back... I'm thinking... It's a shoebill stork!

The fish and the sharks and the jellies are nice, but that bird - I'm just in love with that bird. He reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

I've never been to the Aquarium restaurant over at the Kemah boardwalk. They say it's pretty cool, although you probably pay way more to see the fish there than at the "real" aquarium by the time dinner's over. I must say I did enjoy being with the fish down in the Bahamas and BVIs, but otherwise my admiration is pretty short-lived.

I envision you flat-out somewhere. I hope it's home, in your bed. I'll scrounge up all my extra energy and send it your way. ;)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
13. Ylee
2:11 AM GMT on September 03, 2011
GG, I hope your first day at work didn't kick you in the butt too bad. Take care!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 94 Comments: 15731
12. LowerCal
1:00 AM GMT on September 03, 2011
That was fun (and funny). :^)
Member Since: July 26, 2006 Posts: 58 Comments: 9188
11. sandiquiz
10:03 AM GMT on September 02, 2011
Well, I definitely came by yesterday, as I remember the fishes... but where is any comment I "might" have left! I think my mind must have been on a different plane yesterday!

OK - before I forget - Hope today goes OK. Fourteen hours!! Please try not to over tire yourself - tell them you need to go and lie down - about every 30 minutes!! lol

Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 294 Comments: 26327
10. GardenGrrl
10:01 AM GMT on September 02, 2011
Good Morning All,
It's "dark thirty" (around 5am). Finishing coffee and getting ready for commute. Please send me wake-up energy throughout the next fourteen hours on this first day back to work.
See ya Sunday :-)
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 256 Comments: 9578
9. Ylee
6:27 AM GMT on September 02, 2011
Hey, GG, there's a Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN, too. Really neat place! Glad you had a good time there, hope work goes well for you tomorrow!
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8. aquak9
11:03 PM GMT on September 01, 2011
Enjoyed the pics, I do not see the man on the moon. LOVE the reflections of the kids and the fish and shark swimming thru them. Those were really cute. Good job on bringing out the capture of the reflections with your words.

modified- I found the man on the moon!! hahaha that made me smile and laugh!
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7. Proserpina
10:58 PM GMT on September 01, 2011
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