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Pruning Help? #14

By: GardenGrrl, 6:44 PM GMT on February 26, 2014

Faery Dog

Large for a corgi, he has black fur around his face making him resemble a husky with stubby legs rather than the classic red/white corgi's that Queen Elizabeth favors. Captain Corgi of the Royal Woodland Rangers was feeling good about his work today. He had wanted to be a professor at the University, but duty calls, orders are orders and he became the legend he is today amongst the Rangers.

They had located one of "The Lost Ones". A corgi that had not had the magic bred out of it over the years and didn't know why they were so different. A small frightened pup with sable markings and the classic faery saddle outlined in the fur over her withers just below the back of her neck. Hours earlier the little dog had been tossed from the window of a speeding car by an angry family that called her a devil dog. She was just a puppy, she didn't know dogs shouldn't talk to humans.

Captain Corgi cleared his throat. It sounded a bit like a growl from his age silvered muzzle. The little pup shrunk lower into the floor, her ears flat against her head, eyes wide. Clara, a classic red/white corgi nuzzled the scared pup making soothing sounds.

"There there little one, he's not going to hurt you. The Captain is just not very good with children." She said, giving him a dark look.

"Uh, yes, right then. Didn't mean to give you fright child. Just clearing my throat. You would know it if I meant harm." Having said that earned him another sharp look from Clara. Captain Corgi gave a nod in Clara's direction, then continued; "You young lady are Corgwyn. You carry the magic of the Fey in your blood. In short, you are a Faery Dog. That's why you can talk."

The pup didn't understand. The humans never talked about whatever these Fey are. They did talk about demons and called her evil. She only knew dogs were supposed to have a human family and her family rejected her.

Clara nuzzled the little dog in a comforting way and said; "What he means is you are special and you have to be with a special family that will love you no matter what. Sometimes Corgwyn have to make a new family."

"But what am I? What's a Corgwyn?" asked the puppy.

Captain Corgi was waiting for this part. He loves to tell the stories and history of the Fey, especially of the Corgwyn.

"Ah, what are you indeed. Many years ago when the world was young. When magic and life were oft one and the same, the Fey folk roamed the land. Later, much later as the earth settled into it's rhythm, humans appeared. They had no magic but they seemed to have magical ways with tools. They changed the land to suit themselves. Learned to grow crops and built societies much like the Fey.

Of course the Fey were curious about humans, but due to their large size and strength, we Fey kept our distance from them for the most part. The humans fascinated the Fairy Queen from Pembrook. It became quite the fashion to wear human styled clothes and imitate them.

"The Good Queen Gwynyd found humans on horseback to be quite amusing. The Seelie and Sidhe are winged faeryies who really had no use of steeds but thought it could be great fun to have one. Thus, a committe was formed to create a dashing Faery steed."

The little pups eyes started to glaze over a bit. It was interesting and boring at the same time.
The Fey word for that being "skool". "Whats a committee?"

"Ah, good question. Now a committee is a group of people appointed by someone important like Queen Gwynyd. Half of them will be people that think they are important but don't really know much. The others will have some knowledge. Everyone will disagree. Eventually they compromise by using a bit of everyones ideas. Most of the time committees will completly bugger up a project."

"Captain!, language."

"Uh yes, right Clara." he said frowning a bit. "Right then, where were we? Yes, committees are cabals of idiots" (There was a reason Captain Corgi was sent to America.) In this case the Queens committee actually did something brilliant. They wanted a creature small, loyal, brave and charming. So they chose a dog to start with. Arlais The Learned wanted intelligence so they crossed the dog with a fox. A bit tall but very good looking. Twyla The Practical, sized the legs down by reversing grow magic. A jolly good job."

He paused, took a breath, then said " But Bronwyn, the Queens favorite niece, kept insisting they use a bunny. First she argued. Then she ran to the Queen and complained the others were not being fair. Thankfully the Queen had just met Tomas the Rymer and was too busy to dote on Bronwyn. She came back to the group saying she would hold her breath until she got her way. Arlais dared her to do it hoping Bronwein would pass out and they could call the vote whilst she was unconcious."

Spoiled as she is, Bronwyn is not a complete fool. She realized her mistake when turning blue and Arlais, her brother started looking smug. She took a breath, snatched up a small stick bug launching herself at Arlais threatening to smack him with the poor little sticky who had just come by with refreshments for the group. Carin The Kind, who you should know actually has a terrible temper when she gets pushed to anger, also wanted a bunny at first but then changed her mind likeing how the Corgwyn was starting look.

"Enough! " Carin shouted. "This is what we will do. Instead of a fox tail we will give the Corgwyn a cute little bunny butt. Bronwyn a bit startled said "A cute little bunny butt?" more as a question.
Carin said "All in favor say Aye" Everyone quickly said Aye just to get this over and shut Bronwyn up.

"At the end it was a great idea."

Captain Corgi liked puns. As it is all Corgis have a sense of humor. What he didn't say and most do not know, whislt the other committee members were congradulating each other, Drygioni slipped in a bit of cheerful mischief to the Corgwyns character...

Good Queen Gwynyd was so pleased with her Corgwyn that she named us the Official Faery Steed and Protector of Pembrook Kingdom. She traced a saddle into the fur of the first Corgwyns withers then kissed it on the nose setting a charm. The fur around the Corgwyns nose turned white and spread in a thin line up between it's eyes. This would serve as our shield against dark magic."

Captain Corgi of The Royal Woodland Rangers smiled and said with pride, "You little one are not just corgi, but Corgwyn".

And so that is the tale of how Corgi's came to be.

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#37 Dogs Of Sochi

By: GardenGrrl, 2:22 PM GMT on February 20, 2014

United States vs Canada Hockey; loser has to keep Justin Beiber.

Well, no one has an Olympic Blog up yet so why not? The weather in Sochi is definitely something that affords watching during the Games.

The Athletes, well, every one of them deserves respect and recognition for all their hard work and sacrifice. While I am partial to the US, all countries are welcome here to cheer on their athletes.

Olympic Couch Potatoes; What are your favorite Olympic snack foods? Recipes?

Updated: 11:27 AM GMT on February 24, 2014



By: GardenGrrl, 1:24 AM GMT on February 07, 2014

We had snow in N. Texas today. The light powdery stuff. I didn't have to work. Spent the day throwing food in the yard and watching the birds eat.

Used up all of Syd's unsalted peanuts and made the bluejays deliriously happy. Hope Syd doesn't mind. He shared my cooked oatmeal over breakfast so he shouldn't squawk too much.

Apparently food is scarce because the yard has been full of birds all day.

Oh, btw Briar, you wanted to know how the HS50 does through windows, these were all shot through the window.

Updated: 1:27 AM GMT on February 07, 2014


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