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By: GardenGrrl, 8:59 PM GMT on November 23, 2013

This blog is for anyone that wants to make their photos look their best.

Using photo editors can be tough. I hope that this explains it in a way that can get you going editing your own photos and perhaps putting together your best Holiday Pictures ever.

First, why are these programs so confusing? Most software programs were created by brilliant people that think that if they are smart enough to create this program, you should be clever enough to figure
out what it does.

Not really fair is it? So here are a few hints for dealing with new software programs. Do some practice things first. In order to figure out what it does you have to pretty much click on every thing and see what it does unless it specifically comes with a warning not to.

If a pop up tool or menu comes out, right click your mouse on it.

Sometimes they hide sub menus with cool features in these. Soft ware engineers often insert things called "Easter Eggs", program tools, often very usefull that are hidden some where. Be sure to write down how you found it.

The easiest photo editor I have used is found online and is called PicMonkey.

It has many free features. It also has some fancy premium features you pay for with a month to month subscription.

You do not need to subscribe to do great photo edits.

The best way to use a photo editor is to first find the photos you want to edit on your computer. Each photo has an ID number or name.

Write down the last three digits of the photos ID you want to edit so you can find them quickly when the PicMonkey program prompts you to open one for editing.

Let's get started.

This is what the home page of PicMonkey looks like. You can scroll down and find more features on the actual web page.


If you click on the PicMonkey link you can toggle back and forth between this page and PicMonkey to see examples.

This is the Basic Edit page. The most important page for cleaning up your photo by adjusting exposures, clarity.

How do you get to this page? Click on anything that says Edit Photo.

(TIP) If you want to practice, click on the pumpkin pie on the actual web page.

On this basic edit page quite often clicking on the Auto Adjust at top of menu will fix you photo. Sometimes it makes it look terrible. That is when you go to the top and click the go back/undo arrow which is circled.

Note: a great thing about PicMonkey is that it only uploads a copy of the photo. You can do anything to it in PicMonkey and it will not affect the original.

The following graphics explain what each menu item does.
Hint; if the writing is too small, hold down the ctrl key and then press the + key until the print is big enough to read.
To make print small again, press ctrl and tap the - key.


Add to RESIZE; in Sandi's picture of the "Catbird" below, you can resize a picture with this to use it on overlays such as her example :)

That's it. Try some of these out. Click the pumpkin pie on the PicMonkey web page and try an edit.

There all also overlays, text, lot's of fun things. Just click on stuff and see what it does.

PicMonkey Link

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#33 Best Royals Cover Yet

By: GardenGrrl, 4:55 PM GMT on November 11, 2013

The weather was great in Houston this weekend. The pinball convention was fun. The food was outstanding. I got pictures of a pine warbler.

For all of you that left comments for Mom in the previous blog; Briarcraft, Bug, Calpoppy, Proserpina, Sandi, Shore, Skye, WTS, Ylee, Mom really enjoyed it and again says a muted thank-you.

So how much pinball did I play? Sunday morning when it was time to leave I could barely depress the button on top of my hairspray. Really, it does not take much effort to push the two little side buttons that move the flippers. However, I engage pinball machines like a wrestler, pushing, lifting, shaking the table to impose my will on a small silver ball. It's invigorating :-D

Here are some shots from a previous convention. After collecting a set I saw no reason to shoot duplicates at each convention.

These are some Star Trek pinball machines that a wonderful fellow brought to a convention for the rest of us to play. Yes, there are saints of the pinball world that bring their collections for the rest of us to enjoy. Of course there are also dealers that entice sales and trades of machines.

Here are some vintage machines. Originally pinball designs were fairly whimsical providing a fantasy game for the player to enjoy. Over time, in the 80's on up pinball design started taking on images of popular TV and Movies; Terminator, Million Dollar Man, Dr. Who, CSI etc.

Here is a shot of the insides of an old school machine. Todays have circuit boards that provide more bells and whistles. The design is still pretty much the same. They all have flippers, ramps, bumpers.

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