By: GRANDMANAN , 10:46 AM GMT on September 28, 2011

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Another day with sun, an unusual statement having this much sun on consecutive days. Clear, calm, and cool @9C. Certainly no complaints about weather conditions, fall like to be certain.

Preliminary work for the MARS BAR contribution to the rink in commence. Yesterday foreman for the contractor on site getting measurements, he to return first of next week to get started. Production crew arrived in New Brunswick yesterday in the afternoon, expect they are now on the island. They are setting up time lapse photography for the construction, to be included in the ad. Hope is to have the ice making started within three weeks.

The arena becoming the focus of many of the teens, as a chance to skate, and socialize, canteen will be open for business the same time as the rink, an added feature for sure.

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8. plapman
9:49 AM GMT on September 29, 2011
Good morning Rob.
Most trees still have green foliage here but some are starting to lose their leaves. It's strange that no matter what the temps are like they still fall at the same time every year. I guess it's the amount of daylight and not the temps that signals them winter is coming.
I agree about the price of seafood. Someone is making alot of profit between the dock and the consumer.
Here in Manitoba, the Fresh Water Fish Marketing Board has a monopoly on fish caught in lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg and the price of pickerel still triples from the net to the retailers.
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7. Justapluggin
6:32 PM GMT on September 28, 2011
Indeed, the last three days have been outstanding. My gear is all baited up and can have a setover until Saturday. Slight easterly today and the tides are making up again so that will numb the lobsters a bit.

There has been a virtual nonstop show on and below the surface of the water lately. All sorts of what we think is mackeral in the area. The gannets and gulls are having a field day. We have seen seals a lot further from shore then we usually do and not just one or two but several in small herds. Lots of tuna outside along with white sided dolphins and all are putting on a spectacle.

The arena sounds like just the ticket to get people off thier butts and moving a bit. Once kids learn to skate they tend to continue the practice as a habit. One winter at school the lawn across the road from the school flooded and froze. The kids skated before school, at recess and after school. Lots of falls but the kids sure got better as the winter went along.
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6. chunks
5:04 PM GMT on September 28, 2011
Dear Rob:

Not all the consumers are ignorant of the fisherman's rip off. Do you remember last year that some of the fishermen decided to sell their stuff directly to the consumers at the wharf in Saint John? As soon as it was known that the boys were going to be there - there was literally a line-up for guaranteed fresh seafood and NO ONE minded paying whatever the price was - as it sure as heck was better than the plumped up prices at stores, etc. Everybody enjoyed the fresh food and the socializing whilst waiting in line.

Apparently, some of the PEOPLE - government, buyers, stores, or whomever, got wind of the supermarket down at the wharf and before you knew it, there was restriction after restriction being inforced, with threats of consumers making sure they had the fisherman's license no., and any other number of thing or risk being fined. So, as was hoped people got scared off going. WHAT A SHAME. The fishermen got a fair price for their work and we got guaranteed fresh food. The same old, same old. Being a rebel I was all for carrying a plaquecard at the wharf in support, but apparently, I was the only one who didn't mind getting arrested. END STORY! Blarg on B.S. is what I say.

Sunny today with a Westerly wind so nice out. Greenhouse here I come.

Have a good one. Word, Chunks.
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4:39 PM GMT on September 28, 2011
David if you had anywhere near the weather condtions we have at the moment, would suggest an ideal day on the water.
The difference in price for the lobster must be the ambiance that is provided for the $22.00 dinner. Hard to fathom how such a swing in the product is possible. The problem is the diner feels it is a good deal at the inflated price, having no idea of what the guy on the water receives and the amount of investment he has to get his share.

Herng news a bit brighter, offshore seems some are around, the seiners have been landing spawn herring from German Bank but about to start getting the bait market looked after. The temps have been plenty warm for salt bait preparation, but seems that might not be the case for much longer.
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1:27 PM GMT on September 28, 2011
Mornin SHORE, I agree about the kids, the bonous we have had to date is that many of them are taking advantage of what is being provided. Due to our isolation any constructive diversion has been difficult till now, MARS BAR have seen the opportunity to become involved in a big way, full speed ahead.
Our tenure with the good weather to be interrupted for a few hours over the next couple of days, but the weekend looking great. A few more opportunities to burn some meat and enjoy a beverage as the tide comes and goes in the harbour.
Hope you get some relief soon.

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3. shoreacres
11:27 AM GMT on September 28, 2011
Morning, Rob,

Just great to hear about continuing updates to the rink, and acceptance by the kids. These days, anything that encourages kids to (1) be together and (2) do something useful or fun, is to be commended. Far too many seem to be choosing either isolated gadget use or running amok in the streets - glad I'm not living in an urban center at this point, sad to say.

Enjoy your sunshine! I'm so sick of the stuff I hardly can stand it! ;-)
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15288
10:55 AM GMT on September 28, 2011
Mornin CHUNKS, a grand one it is here on the INGALLS HEAD ROAD, a slight draft from the north, but far from a weather influence, just one of those sun rises you file in the minds eye.
Thoughtful of Cody to think of enhancing his mothers vehicle, a great chance to have him learn.
Still quiet on lobster bait front, spoke with one of the suppliers and he plans on start landing some this weekend. Takes lots of bait to do the job, only one boat supplying local requirements this past few years.
The ADVENTURE back on the run, folks still getting used to 'her', comments run the gamut pro and con, some even suggesting she is too posh for the run, go figure.
Enjoy the weather, soon to come to rain for the weekend.

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1. plapman
10:50 AM GMT on September 28, 2011
Good morning Rob.
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