Moonrise in the Midwest

The High Heat Continues

By: FollowMal, 3:58 PM GMT on July 19, 2012

101-103 here today. :( I'm making popsicles for doggies, spraying off horses, filling bird baths and outside water pans 4 times a day and worrying constantly about animals. They're suffering so much in this heat and I can't bring them all into the a/c. icon_sad.gif

The cats on the farm have virtually disappeared into the coolest places they can find during the day...they're holed up in whatever shade they can find and they don't come out. Maybe they sneak out and get a drink when I'm not around to see?
Anyway, nary a cat in the barn when I go to check in the a.m.


Moonrise in the Midwest

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