In the Spring

By: EarlB, 2:08 AM GMT on April 22, 2015

for the Spring sip
of nearly forgotten perfumes,
barely remembered colors.

after Winter's dry grip
on the nose and eye,
gray just isn't enough.

by the flood of everything
that this season supplies:

It Is Spring

By: EarlB, 2:16 AM GMT on April 07, 2015

It is the explosion
that no one ever hears,
the concussion
that rattles the foundation
of anyone strong enough to
survive it.

It is the bleeding of maple flowers,
their reddening of gray skeletons,
it is the eruption of footfall flowers
from the cold, dark earth,
it is the mayhem of flight,
of birds, of insects, of swirling seeds,

It is Spring.

Updated: 11:19 AM GMT on April 07, 2015

Night Terror

By: EarlB, 10:50 AM GMT on March 23, 2015

Just above morning light's sharp edge
hung a straight-razor-cut "snik"
of the old moon, only a day away
from gone.

Stars scratched open the night
as they were dragged
along their dimming journey
to the brightening day.

In the distance,
with it's slash-throated song,
a screech owl told the harsh news
of the death of the moon.

Geese Flying

By: EarlB, 1:40 AM GMT on March 11, 2015

From thousands of feet above me
I heard the faint gossipy chatter
from hundreds
of night-flying geese.

In an hour the nearly full moon
will silver streams and rivers,
bays and ocean
revealing their night-map.

Fly by night,
eat and sleep by day,
in an error-less journey
predestined by generations past.

It's an endless journey, too,
like a beating heart,
in it's insistence on...


By: EarlB, 2:04 AM GMT on February 24, 2015

Right when I was thinking
that I was doing well
with my Springtime chores
(the first garden tilling,
plans went up the chimney
along with the smoke of fires
all-of-a-suddenly needed with
temperatures and snow falling.

It was so easy to shed those
on-the-schedule jobs
(and take on snow shoveling
and wood stove stoking).
Now it seems that my only

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