Between the Waters

The Comet's Tail

By: EarlB, 2:12 AM GMT on May 26, 2014

Last night earth slid through
yet another comet's debris
and the forecast of "showers"
drew us moths to the hope of a flame.

I could muster only enough interest
for a 2 AM, 15 minute viewing,
and was pleased to see one streak
to wish on (I made a good wish!).

But, as I stood wide-eyed, pan-eyed,
staring around Polaris, I peripherally
saw a brighter sweep of fire
close to the horizon, and then another.

Though I stared deep into space for my fire,
there, 30 feet from my nose,
fire came to me in the season's first firefly.
Blessed with godly light from both far and near.

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By: EarlB, 1:35 AM GMT on May 11, 2014

Who could ever imagine
that out of plain brown duff
such a stunning and complex
being might be fashioned.

Who could ever imagine
such a being, out of dust
(humans, after all, from dust and rib)
might come
and then not believe.

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Updated: 1:39 AM GMT on May 11, 2014


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