Between the Waters

To Be Long

By: EarlB, 1:50 PM GMT on September 24, 2011

The forty-nine days have begun:
The time it takes for goodbyes.
And, forty-nine days for the journey,
The journey to circle the world
In a loving embrace:
Farewell and greeting.

In forty-nine days,
The circle will begin again.
As you long to be Long,
Again and again.



By: EarlB, 12:29 PM GMT on September 08, 2011

It's a special time of year: we're past the peak heat of August,
and maybe because of the close passage of last week's hurricane,
patterns seem to have shifted from the warm and humid, stagnant
weather to that with morning temperatures flirting with the high 50's.
And, oh those cool, all-day breezes!

I had been looking at my wood shed supply and hoping for a mild
winter: when I was cutting this year's wood in February, I obviously
miscalculated how much wood to cut, stopping short of the usual
cord-plus cut. In my defense, I only know how much firewood I
actually have after it is split, when there isn't time for newly cut
wood to cure (dry) adequately before it's time to burn. It all
comes down to poor planning on my part.

But then, Providence! The storm last week supplied me with a beautiful
pre-cured red oak for the taking. In the woods, protected by the
surrounding trees, dead trees stand past their lifetimes, waiting for
that one wind that will offend their delicate balancing act. Red Oak
is easy to split so that today, in an hour, I had 30 feet of fuel split
and stacked under cover. Now I feel that my supply is adequate for our

After the work was done, in the moments of complete relaxation,
it was impossible to not notice that the air was scented with an oddly
enticing mixture of perfumes: the precursor of autumn tang wrought of
wind-stripped leaves with the sweetness of a nearby Virgin's Bower vine.
I don't ever remember being aware of this mix before, but, it makes me
want more. I found myself lazily basking in this accidental chemistry,
this small blessing from a storm that caused so much grief and loss of
property mixed with the season's bounty.

I always enjoy this changeover time, summer to fall. With memory and
aroma so entwined, just like the Virgin's Bower's vines, I look forward
to remembering autumns like this long after I'm not able to be an
intimate part of the changing.


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