Between the Waters

Saying Hello, Saying Goodbye

By: EarlB, 1:25 AM GMT on August 26, 2010

Is the first hello.
Then comes a string of friends,
Lovers, and people unknown
Parading through
Defining a lifetime with greetings.

is but a prelude,
Just a set-up
For goodbye.
Life (in the end)
Is more loss
Than gain,
As all of the hellos melt away
To one final goodbye.



By: EarlB, 12:55 AM GMT on August 12, 2010

When I started this list, I started with the pre-conception that I
would find 10 things about summer that didn't appeal to me before I
would find 10 things that I liked. Summer isn't my favorite time of
year. At least, it isn't as popular as Spring, Autumn and Winter, all
of which are in a three-way tie by my estimation.

I found, however, that I came up with "likes" more easily than "dislikes".
In fact, the final four in the list of dislikes are fairly lightweight.
As trivial as this exercise is, it did supply the opportunity to build
my personal definition of the season.

10 Things that I like about Summer

1. The many colors of GREEN
2. Home-grown tomatoes
3. The aroma of freshly cut grass
4. Butterflies
5. The smell of rain coming
6. The smell of rain here
7. The smell of rain on asphalt roads
8. The Milky Way
9. Arabesques of Barn Swallows
10. Thunder and lightning

10 Things that I don't care for about Summer

1. Cicadas
2. High Humidity
3. High Temperatures
4. Biting flies
5. Ticks
6. Changing my T-shirt 4 times in one day
7. Watermelon
8. Too many zucchini
9. Hot car seats
10. Melted chocolate bars


Combating Climate Change

By: EarlB, 12:57 AM GMT on August 04, 2010

I've been waging a one-man war on climate change, sadly, in a way that humans
are best at: hiding from the truth!

For the past nine days, I have been in Maine. I escaped the excessive heat of
Virginia just at it's peak. In the matter of 6 hours of airport/airplane time,
my personal environment changed dramatically, from high temperatures in the low
100's to those in the mid 70's.

Of course, this is NO answer to the seeming increase of air temperature averages, but, it
certainly was a pleasant answer for me.

A runaway oil spill is nearing a permanent solution, I have solved my environmental
situation, but, I feel that we are only treading water at best.

I'll be posting a real blog in a few days.


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