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Groundhog's Day, 2010

By: EarlB, 12:52 PM GMT on February 02, 2010

7:04 EGT (Eastern Groundhog Time) February 2, 2010

On this fine February morning it is my pleasure to proclaim
to the world that His Subterranean Exaltedness, Metompkin Max, of
suburban Metompkin, Va., witness to the turning of the earth through
Space and Time, SAW his shadow and thus proclaimed
" Six more weeks of Winter". It was nip and tuck this year, fog in the
area, clouds moving in, it was a difficult call!

Max, nephew to the grand master of all prognosticators, Octoraro
Orphie of Lancaster County, Pa. makes his prediction yearly,
rain or shine, sun or sleet, snow or... no, wait, that's the postman!
Well, Max has been pretty punctual too, bringing the Eastern Shore
of Virginia it's Candlemas forecast for nearly 32 groundhog years.

On a sad note to all of us here at Slumbering Groundhog Lodge #46,
Max has announced his retirement this year. "The pressure has been
getting to me, just look at my coat, I don't remember this gray hair!"

We wish that we could say that we are comfortable in knowing that with
Max's son, Max Jr. (Chuck to his pals), we were in good paws, but Chuck
is in Fort Lauderdale looking for "answers". We'd settle for a forecast!

Well, Happy Candlemas Day, y'all!

Updated: 12:55 PM GMT on February 02, 2010


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