Between the Waters

In Winter

By: EarlB, 9:38 PM GMT on January 28, 2010

"In winter", he began, "the sky is wider." I wonder
what he means? The night skies are clearer, deeper, the
leaves gone, vistas opened that only a month ago were
impenetrable walls of green, gold and red. Is that it?

Herringbone clouds stretch from east to west,
In crossing the field, the fox looks over his shoulder ten times,
Snow flakes drift hundreds of feet before they find the ground,
A hawk is hounded by hundreds of sparrows,
The moon is so bright that it can snap twigs,
The shadows so dark, they can freeze the blood.

Is it the sky that is so wide or the width within us that
we cannot span? I wonder what he means?


Winter Dreams

By: EarlB, 12:55 AM GMT on January 14, 2010

In winter we seek comfort
In sunny nook, or at hearthside.
We wish to wash ourselves to the bone
In warmth.

The cats have slipped into the bath,
Their fur is hot to the touch,
They lay so close to the stove.
The oldest prefers a gentler warm:
My lap.

I feel
Her dreams running through my fingers
As she relives the hunt,
Re-dreams her life.

Winter dreams:
Lives remembered
Glow in dusty memory,
While new, bright love burns,
Like the flame.


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