Between the Waters


By: EarlB, 1:43 AM GMT on December 25, 2008

for you who toil,
for you who grieve,
for you who hunger,
for you who are lost,
for you who study,
for you who dream,
for you who are alone,
Love, Love, Love.


Solstice Diary - Awake

By: EarlB, 2:58 PM GMT on December 21, 2008

It's the winter's solstice, and I lay in bed awake, wide-eyed
awake, listening to the night chime away, fifteen minutes at a
time, until I hear the hour ring out two, then three. My sleep
tonight might only be in minutes.

My thoughts, clearer than when I'm day-time awake, I remember
some of the words I found and lost: flying snow geese colliding with
falling snow flakes in the wintery sky. Words I feared that I would
lose like the so many others that come and go spontaneously.

I try to diagnose why I am not sleeping, the aching shoulder
(a souvenir of summer travel) is now a regular companion, Is it the
twenty year old cat slowly, inch by inch, constricting me out
from under the covers, her desire to be close, slowly stealing
the covers from me. Is someone thinking of me, desiring my company
enough to wake me, even across the miles? (it's a favorite theory
I have, still lacking evidence, few friends willing to admit that
intimate a connection, or few friends not willing to admit no such
intimate connection)

The solstice night slips by this way, it's four, it's five now, as I
type these random thoughts, creating another diary entry, which I'll
reread in the light of winter's first day, a rainy day, only snow
geese it seems.

The little bit of fire left in the wood stove is curling up the
chimney, the little bit of inspiration left in me is showing up on the
computer screen, the little bit of an autumn night left is slipping
into a winter's day. My eyes burn a little, sleep coming, finally....

I wonder who is thinking of me at this hour, keeping me awake?


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