Between the Waters


By: EarlB, 10:20 AM GMT on October 24, 2008

There are certainly times when words don't come easily. If I believed
in muses, I would say that I was standing alone today, looking for
the first hint of inspiration. I feel guilty, there is so much to inspire. Perhaps
I've closed and locked the door on words and songs for a while.

I am sitting in an airport restaurant, looking down upon the bustling,
travel-nervous crowd. I can see a child, obviously new to walking, taking
steps that are exaggerated, taking steps that are unsteady, but the steps
are brim full of expectation and discovery.

Her steps are a child's ballet: a twirl of short legs, a loss of already delicate
balance and a landing on a plump little butt. She is up again, in a
second, for a second try at meeting the adventure in front of her. She
walks like i write!

There it was, the source of inspiration and the inspiration itself.



By: EarlB, 11:41 PM GMT on October 12, 2008

Little puts a smile in my heart more than a sunrise. Whether
it's one that I have woken early to watch or the one that meets me
on my early every-day drive to work, the sunrise is a pendulum swing
of time.

I look in the mirror and wonder at that same passage, as wrinkles
and greying hair have inched their way into my reflection. They are
my personal sunrises, and who could help but smile at them. And, that I
can smile or laugh at myself gives me the confidence to greet the world
as bravely as if I were the sun. I bring my little light to others, using
a smile, a laugh. I burn into a heart, casting shadows long and dark.
A sunrise and a smile, they wait for you.

Updated: 11:43 PM GMT on October 12, 2008


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