Between the Waters

Diary 1

By: EarlB, 10:41 AM GMT on July 26, 2008

It is a day of goodbyes. A day of hugs and handshakes, of
false and of heartfelt good wishes. "Travel well" I say,
not wishing to make it an issue of luck, not wishing to
think that it is they who are traveling and not I.

A week ago when I was leaving, I received all of the same,
and it was an uncomfortable time, as we groped around, looking
for words, let alone the right ones.

The easiest goodbyes are those from those closest to you, fewer
words, more feelings, more tears. When "Don't go" says
more than all the idle chatter of missing and loving.

Too many words dilute the farewell. So, keep the goodbyes short,
don't try to talk your way out of the fear of alone. Meet the
fear and survive it.

"Don't go" is all I remember.



By: EarlB, 10:04 AM GMT on July 12, 2008

The blue of the sky
Meets the green of the sea
In the white of thousands of years.
Frozen in a two-sided mirror of time,
You look back to see the past revealed,
Each air bubble a time capsule.
And, you look forward
To see a sea sweetened
By the blue of the sky.

Updated: 10:11 AM GMT on July 12, 2008


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