Between the Waters

Light and Shadow

By: EarlB, 1:45 AM GMT on January 24, 2008

It snowed yesterday, and as I was walking through the woods, I watched
the falling snow and saw it as light, a light that was drifting, floating
down upon the earth. It wasn't the usual light, it didn't have the urgency ascribed
to light. But, light it was, creating it's own brown oak-leaf shadows under the
trees. And later, that same shadow producing snow gave a glistening day-like
reflection to the holly leaves, a show that lasted through the night in the filtered

This morning a shadow avalanche of black fell from the same sky that provided
yesterday's light. This shadow fell as hundreds of blackbirds tumbled down,
covering the old light, shadows upon light. It was a topsy-turvy world, dark
falling from the sky. Both the light and the dark came as surprizes, the light
and dark showed me again that I only thought I knew, and could depend on
what I knew.

We too are light and shadow, brightening or darkening all we contact,
affecting all we meet in ways unimagined: outcome always unknown.

Updated: 1:46 AM GMT on January 24, 2008


A Matter of Life and Death

By: EarlB, 1:28 AM GMT on January 10, 2008

It's a matter of life and death; ironic, isn't it? life AND death,
not separates, they each depend on the other to define themselves.
Over the past month, I have come to know that definition too well,
feeling the harshness of each consonant and memorizing the grave,
graceful sweep of each serif.

Maybe THIS is how we get old, dealing too much with the end of
life as death slowly creeps up and all around us. Maybe death just
wears us down with the knowledge that it is always there: we can
smell the ashes with each breath and the taste the dust with every

So, if you are still reading, following me in my age-born, dark mood,
still wishing the best for me, I can tell you that I have newfound hope.
Hope in the form of new life coming to a dear friend, a child to-be-born.

With the good news, I again realize that I am living the seasons, not just
watching them begin and end. There is death and and there is rebirth in the
passage of the years as there is throughout our lives.

I am living the promise of faith, the death of humankind by our own doing
and the rebirth of us all as represented by the birth of one small child.

I shall be born again, forever.


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