Between the Waters

When God Whispers

By: EarlB, 1:17 AM GMT on October 28, 2007

When God whispers, listen.

Listen when the butterfly
Settles onto your hand,
Feel the footsteps.
Marvel in the paper-thin
Jewel that has flown to you.

Listen when the bird finds you
In the middle of the ocean,
Chooses your boat as it's island,
Allows you to carry it's ounce-heavy
Body, it's heart-beating life to safety.

Listen to the ebbing lifetime
Of the old, the ill,
Those who don't fear the next step,
Those ready to take the next step
Away from you and toward themselves.

Listen to the smile in the eyes
Of one you love,
To the sure grip of a child's hand
On yours,
To all of the messages
Of love.

When God whispers, listen.



By: EarlB, 12:51 AM GMT on October 15, 2007

It's time to go, time to make a start after all of the preparation. I grew
bigger and stronger with each day, month, and year of my life.

I am bursting with potential, with the potential of youth and intelligence.
Potential is the best hope for the future, potential is the only hope for
the future.

Can I withstand this early feeling of helplessness? It's not just a feeling,
it's a fact, I am launched into the world on a breeze and a prayer, I am
grain for the mill of life, with none of the hull of experience to cloak
me. I AM helpless.

But, patience, grant me the patience of the wind that will set me free of
my mother's womb. Grant me the patience of the earth who waits for me, who
will eventually surround me with his loving arms, who will take me into his
heart. Grant me the patience of the rain that will nourish me so completely.

With the wind, with the earth, with the rain, I will grow, I will grow tall,
and with only a little time, I will blossom, to show the world what I know,
and who I am.

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