The Shrinking Cold Pool: Are Winter and the Polar Vortex Disappearing?

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 2:37 PM GMT on August 29, 2015

Let me start by saying that this episode of Weather Geeks could possibly be the "geekiest" one yet. In fact, Producer Dr. Matt Sitkowski noted that we might need "Pop Ups" or "captions." By the way, who remembers VH1 pop up video? But, I digress.

Ah, but when we started Weather Geeks over a year ago, such a show was our intent: Geeky, informative, and intelligent. We really wanted to change the culture of how weather is conveyed to the public, and I belie...

Winter Weather Polar Vortex Snow

Updated: 2:38 PM GMT on August 29, 2015

Weather Hazards, Aviation, and a Personal Story Too

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 11:02 AM GMT on August 19, 2015

Did you catch the images of the commercial airliner damaged by hail in Colorado last week or so? Passengers were alarmed and fearful based on accounts that I read. Many meteorologists and citizens were rightfully asking, "How in the world does that happen in 2015 with the sophisticated weather tools now at our disposal?" The Weather Channel's Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro, one of the best in the business in my humble opinion, wrote an excellent analysis at this l...

aviation weather hazards turbulence

Updated: 11:41 AM GMT on August 20, 2015

Inside FEMA's Hurricane Program (ps: They Care About Atlantic and Pacific Storms)

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 11:16 AM GMT on August 12, 2015

Hurricane Katrina, for many, was a tragedy of epic proportions. It still stands as one of the worst weather related disasters in United States history. Can you believe that it happened 10 years ago this month?

I mention Katrina because many people also remember the criticism of FEMA for its response after that particular storm. Well the past is the past, and the present is the present. FEMA has a very robust hurricane program, and I suspect many lessons ...

hurricanes emergency preparedness

Updated: 5:41 PM GMT on August 12, 2015

The Stories Behind Those Awesome Weather Photographs

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 5:18 PM GMT on August 05, 2015

In the social media age, awesome weather photos are a "dime a dozen." I have seen enough sunset, tornado, shelf cloud, and lightning pictures that I could stack them from the Earth's surface to the top of the troposphere.

But hey, that is what makes us weather geeks, right? We have a childish curiosity and fascination with what the atmosphere chooses to show us. If you watch WxGeeks, I suspect that you do as well.

This week on WxGeeks, we've ...

weather photography tornadoes lightning

Updated: 7:57 PM GMT on August 05, 2015

Storm Surge, A Hurricane's Greatest Threat

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 3:46 PM GMT on July 30, 2015

Even though you see reporters blowing in the wind and debris flying down the street during hurricane coverage, the greatest threat is storm surge. If you think back to Hurricane Sandy or Camille, the legacy of storm surge is quite apparent.

We've invited 2 of the top hurricane and storm surge experts in the world to join us on Weather Geeks this Sunday. I like the way Executive Producer and Meteorologist Mike Chesterfield characterizes the guests. He writ...

Updated: 6:11 PM GMT on July 30, 2015

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