The West is Burning: What is the Role of Weather in Fire?

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 3:41 PM GMT on October 15, 2014

When NOAA's Curt Kaplan, an operational meteorologist colleague, emailed and said WxGeeks should really look at the upcoming fire season. We agreed. This was further heightened by the recent crash of an Aircraft tanker as it battled a fire in America's iconic Yosemite National Park Link.

The fire season is intricately tied to weather and climate so this was a "no brainer". The western United States has been under persistent drought for some time, and this...

fire weather weather tap Drought

Updated: 1:25 PM GMT on October 16, 2014

The Role of the TV Meteorologist: It's more than it use to be or what you may think!

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 3:18 PM GMT on October 08, 2014

It is fairly well known that one of the major reasons that people tune in to their local news channel is for the weather forecast. The Meteorologist, Weather Anchor, Weathercaster or other type of reporter delivering the weather forecast is a critical part of the public's day.

The TV meteorologist also wears many hats: Station scientist, climatologist, emergency preparedness communicator, and even the occasional cute pet/magician segment person :).

weather Weather Talk Show broadcast meteorology

Sitting in a Lightning Storm with 60,000 of My Closest Friends.......

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 9:26 PM GMT on September 30, 2014

This is a great time of year for me because I love college football. Go Noles. Go Dawgs (and in that order). I can't help but notice that it seems that more games have been delayed this year due to weather. Is it just a stormy early season or is there something different about the lightning policies?

Even with the delays, I see picture after picture on social media of players evacuating the field but fans sitting in the stadium with Cloud-to-Ground light...

sports weather Weather Talk Show emergency preparedness

Some Weather Days are Known by Dates (April 27), Some Meteorologists by a Name: Spann

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 12:46 AM GMT on September 24, 2014

April 27th.............................................. ......

It is one of those rare dates that you can just say, and many meteorologists, weather followers, and citizens know it. Some even remember every detail and moment associated with that day in Alabama and other parts of the Southeast United States.

A devastating tornado outbreak ravaged this part of the country, and Birmingham, Alabama was one of the focal points. Though lives were lo...

weather Tornado Weather Talk Show

15 Weather Myths Debunked: Inspired by Random Posts Seen on my Facebook Newsfeed

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 10:10 AM GMT on September 18, 2014

I often see inaccurate weather information and myths propagating through my Facebook Newsfeed. In the spirit of the "Hail No" segment of Weather Geeks, the show that I host each Sunday at Noon on the Weather Channel, I decided to debunk 15 weather myths that I often see posted by friends.

1. Heat lightning is not the sky lighting up because it is hot. You are just seeing lightning from a storm too far away to hear thunder.

2. You can't see wa...

Updated: 11:03 PM GMT on September 19, 2014

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