King Hoarfrost III

By: DrGothican, 7:07 PM GMT on February 03, 2014

FOREVER WINTER! Wow imagine that, summer never returns! Well it may feel like that before this blast of flakes is over. Last July I began to notice strange signs that indicate a bad winter was coming. Any of you real animal lovers out there know what I am talking about cause my animals are where I get a lot of my long range weather forecasts. I have a Tegu (lizard) and he started looking to hibernate in October, he normally waits till December. Birds began migrating in August, rather than October/November. Our summer Canadian geese left in August and didn't return. Our winter geese arrived in October then moved on, but returned when it warmed again. They never do this! They've left twice since and returned when it warmed again.

WELL this winter is going to be long, cold, and hard. I began telling folks everywhere back in September, 2013 how bad this winter was going to be. I even sent out three weather bulletins to every state governor on the east coast telling them how bad this winter was going to be. AND yes, these three bulletins went to the, "Office of the Governor" in Georgia. You can read these bulletins on my website: R/winter2013

NOW finally to the title at hand, King Hoarfrost III! Knowing that we had an epic winter coming, lots and lots of cold, I began to get my, "Dynamic Ice Sculpting", equipment together. Since I'm such a pack rat I still had lots of yesteryear equipment, I've been sculpting for fifty years when the weather cooperates, but I wanted new spray jets. I got everything in place and created King Hoarfrost II, but I wasn't very happy with him, he was so emaciated looking, you know!

King Hoarfrost II

SO I got more equipment, lined out a new project, and waited for the next cold blast! I wasn't disappointed and it came right on schedule. The night shot of King Hoarfrost III is below and I am so proud of him. It is one of my best dynamic/abstract ice sculpture I have ever created. It's a shame no one else see the art the way I do, but I'm sure many artist cry in their cookies about their art and not being understood.
Well here's King Hoarfrost III in all his glory!

King Hoarfrost reign was short but prominent. Before Lord Yellowglow banished him to Liquadia he passed on the, "Sceptre of Cold", to his brother, King Hoarfrost the Forth!

King Hoarfrost III

I thank you for looking, and bundle up it's going to be a cold and very long winter!

HOLLY CRAP! We got a blizzard in the mix coming up the east coast. Locking high, another storm, and Pax with nowhere to go!

Location: Martinsburg, WV


The cold slithers in again and rising from the puddling ice, KING HOARFROST THE FORTH!

He lifts his eyes to the sky, he raises the "Sceptre of Cold", and brings forth a terrible aspect. Punishment for ever thinking we could stop him or banishing his brother.

"Humans call it a blizzard, I call it ------- 'Life' "!

************************************************* KING HOARFROST THE FORTH *************************************************

************************************************* KING HOARFROST THE FORTH *************************************************

NOT that anyone noticed, but I was dead on about Winter 2013-2014! All that snow, the extreme temps, and the extreme length, I was right about it all. I believe the winter started all the way back in Oct 2013 for most of us and we all thought by April we would be done. LOL! Not for ALL OF US!!!! LOL! I LOVE THE WINTER.

Hey if you want to verify that what I am telling you is fact, just contact CNN, or the Weather Channel, or any Govornor on the east coast. I sent out over 150 weather bulletins this pass winter!

Snow and Kisses

Dr G

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