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2012 Another Active Season and Not Over Yet?

By: Doppler22, 3:04 AM GMT on December 01, 2012

Hello everyone. I just wanted to post an outline for the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This past season was pretty active having 19 named storms, 10 hurricanes and only 1 major hurricane. A season full of suprises and twists, 2012 will be another season to remember. And another possible reason coming is the possible foration of TS Valerie in the Central Atlantic. Right now there is a 30% chance of formation. If it forms it will add to the list of reasons to remember 2012, because December rarely has storms.

Records and Facts

- There was a total of 19 storms, 10 hurricanes and 1 major hurricane as said above.
- Hurricane Michael was the only major hurricane (as of right now) this season.
- There was an estimated 327 deaths this season.
- There was an estimated 68 billion dollars worth of damage this season mainly from Sandy.
- Strongest Storm: Hurricane Sandy ( 110mph at peak/ 253 deaths/ 940mb pressure/ >65 billion dollars in damage)
- 3 official storms made landfall in the US: TS Beryl, TS Debby, Hurricane Isaac ( Sandy was not a hurricane at landfall)]
- Hurricane Nadine became the 5th longest lasting hurricane

Overall Storms

Tropical Storm Alberto: May 19-22, 60mph, 995mb
Tropical Storm Beryl: May 26-30, 70mph, 992mb
Hurricane Chris: Jun 19-22, 75mph CAT 1, 987mb
Tropical Storm Debby: Jun 23-27, 60mph, 990mb
Hurricane Ernesto: Aug 1-10, 85mph CAT 1, 980mb
Tropical Storm Florence: Aug 3-6, 60mph, 1002mb
Tropical Storm Helene: Aug 9-19, 45mph, 1005mb
Hurricane Gordon: Aug 15-20, 110mph CAT 2, 965mb
Hurricane Isaac: Aug 21- Sep 1, 80mph CAT 1, 968 mb
Tropical Storm Joyce: Aug 22-24, 40mph, 1006mb
Hurricane Kirk: Aug 28- Sep 2, 105mph CAT 2, 970mb
Hurricane Leslie: Aug 30- Sep 11, 75mph CAT 1, 968mb
Hurricane Michael: Sep 3-11, 115mph CAT 3, 964mb
Hurricane Nadine: Sep 11- Oct4, 90mph CAT 1, 978mb
Tropical Storm Oscar: Oct 3-5, 50mph, 997mb
Tropical Storm Patty: Oct 11-13, 45mph, 1005mb
Hurricane Rafael: Oct 12-17, 90mph CAT 1, 969mb
Hurricane Sandy: Oct 22-29, 110mph CAT 2, 940mb
Tropical Storm Tony: Oct 22-25, 50mph, 1000mb


TS Beryl: 6 deaths
TS Debby: 9 deaths
Hurricane Ernesto: 12 deaths
TS Helene: 2 deaths
Hurricane Isaac: 45 deaths
Hurricane Rafael: 1 death
Hurricane Sandy: 253 deaths
Possible Valerie in the making right now

My Opinion

- I believe that this season was qutie interesting. After this season, we've had 3 straight seasons with 19 storms. I think that we may see high numbers from now on due to climate change.
- The name Sandy will most likely be retired and not used again in the list of names. The name Isaac may be reitred but that is more questionable.
- After going through Sandy myself I hope that we prepare not only in the US but in all countries of the world for stronger storms and more storms so we will be more prepared for storms like Sandy to help prevent the tragic loss of life that we had.


Hurricane Sandy as it marches towards the Northeast.

Hurricane Isaac affecting the Southeast.

Hurricane Nadine, longest storm of the season.

Hurricane Michael, The only major hurricane of the 2012 Season.

Thank you for reading my entry and now the wait for the 2013 Hurricane Season Begins!
I would also like to add alot of my information came from Wikipedia so all the information is their's.

Updated: 3:09 AM GMT on December 01, 2012


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