Happy 4th

By: DisasterReady, 1:09 AM GMT on July 04, 2013

Warm to hot here in Condon, Oregon, as we all know but many fail to follow through you gotta have water. I put down nearly 2 quarts this morning before noon as I was working in the sun. In a disaster challenge it would be terrible to deal with these temperatures and be without water.

I am producing a video for the younger set and adults too that deals with the all important fact that we must have drinkable water. Check our our podcast at Link

Surviving a Pandemic

By: DisasterReady, 1:25 AM GMT on June 12, 2013

Grab a cup of whatever and join me and Dr. Benton as we discuss his book Surviving a Pandemic. Good information should all think about.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/survivalnation/2013/ 06/09/surviving-a-pandemic

Are we really facing economic collapse?

By: DisasterReady, 3:38 PM GMT on June 02, 2013

I have read at least 8 articles in the last few months that warn we are on the brink of a severe economic disaster. I hope they are wrong, but these articles were written by financial experts and their points should at least be considered.

With $0.42 of every dollar borrowed from others so we can pay our national bills that fact alone should give us pause.

If the worse case does come upon us we should prepare as preparing for any disaster. Food...


By: DisasterReady, 2:57 AM GMT on May 31, 2013

This is my first blog entry and I just want to encourage all to become engaged in becoming ready for disasters. With only 15% of the American population geared up to take care of themselves if disaster strikes we have lots of work to do to educate and motivate the populous to do their part.

From disease outbreaks, natural disasters, terror strikes, loss of jobs and personal injury we are at risk of losing our ability to purchase food or other items to kee...

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