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Surviving a Pandemic

By: DisasterReady, 1:25 AM GMT on June 12, 2013

Grab a cup of whatever and join me and Dr. Benton as we discuss his book Surviving a Pandemic. Good information should all think about.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/survivalnation/2013/ 06/09/surviving-a-pandemic


Are we really facing economic collapse?

By: DisasterReady, 3:38 PM GMT on June 02, 2013

I have read at least 8 articles in the last few months that warn we are on the brink of a severe economic disaster. I hope they are wrong, but these articles were written by financial experts and their points should at least be considered.

With $0.42 of every dollar borrowed from others so we can pay our national bills that fact alone should give us pause.

If the worse case does come upon us we should prepare as preparing for any disaster. Food storage being the number one thing you can do. Inflation could grip the nation and send prices roaring to the top and beyond if these folks are correct.

If we manage to avoid this kind of train wreck then you have not wasted your money. We need food everyday so having some in the "bank" is as good as investment as gold in my view. The rich can afford to buy gold, but the average family has little money left over each month, purchasing even $50.00 worth of extra food a month will soon add up to several months worth of emergency food supply.

I promise you it will give you sense of peace knowing you have taken steps to provide for your family if some calamity strikes and food becomes difficult to come by. If every single citizen does this then the calamity's teeth would be dulled.

Ps Search the web, read the articles and make up your own mind. For me it is better to plan ahead than get caught with no plan at all.


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